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tracey_bDecember 7, 2011

I have an 18-month-old Ragdoll kitty, Coco, that is due for his vaccinations--rabies and FVRCP. I've kind of held up on it because I don't want to stress him at all. He just lost his companion to FIP 3 weeks ago (and so I REALLY don't want to stress his immune system. He was a cousin to the FIP kitty). However, we're getting a new kitten in 2 weeks. This will be another Ragdoll from the same place (because of a 2-yr health guarantee that replaces a kitten). The kitten will have had the usual kitten vaccines.

Is there any danger to Coco if I do NOT get his vaccines before the new kitten arrives? I don't think so, as the kitten is in a controlled environment, etc. I'd really like to not give him vaccinations if I don't have to (or at least not every year) because we had a VAS scare a few years ago in our last cat.

And for the new kitten--the breeder is going to let me wait and get the kitty spayed on my own a couple of months after we bring her home in order to keep her from having too many major stressors on her at once (I always felt that our little Ellie--the FIP kitty--experienced too much at the same week she was vaccinated, spayed, and re-homed and from then it was downhill for her).

The breeder also said she could hold up on the usual kitten vaccines if I want and let me do them, spaced out further. So, another question---would THAT be okay? To bring the "unprotected" kitten home to us (with Coco--who came from the same place as she's coming from--and no other kitties/dogs; inside only).

Thanks for your advice......


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To clarify, Coco has already had all of his initial round of shots right? If that's the case, IMO, you should be fine. There is more research coming out that supports that we are over vaccinating our animals and causing more immune system issues when we do vaccinate every year. My friend just posted this article on my FB page this morning, knowing that I don't vaccinate after initial shots. This article is geared towards dogs, but I can't think cats are much different in this department. You can always titer if you are concerned.
here's the article.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifelong Immunity

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Thanks, ladybugfruit. Since I posted, I've been researching and reading a LOT about this.

Coco had his last vaccines when he was 25 weeks old. I read that if a cat had his last kitten shots when he was a minimum of 16 weeks of age, then he should be protected (for years or for life--depending on what study you read).

All those "kitten series" of vaccines? I read that they're done that way in hopes that one of them "takes"--which would be after the antibodies the kitten gets from his mother have decreased to a low enough level that his own immune system can respond and make its own antibodies.

And I think I'll have the breeder hold up on the new kitten's vaccines, and I'll do them---1 time---at the right age for them to work the first time.

It's amazing what we take for granted---we've been indoctrinated to think that we're being responsible pet owners by taking our pets in for their yearly shots when in fact, we may be doing more harm than good by this over-vaccination. We don't get yearly vaccines--why would pets' immune systems be any different???

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Vaccinating for rabies can be more of legal concern than a practical one (depends where you live). Here in California most areas cats are not legally required to have rabies vaccines, but some counties do require them. And we do get a case of feline rabies every now and then (probably from bat exposure). Be sure you know your area's laws about rabies vaccines. All other vaccines are optional of course, but this one may not be for some.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Tracey ~ Good for you! I gree with ladybugfruit too! I am a sheltie breeder and have had many kitties throughout the years. I vaccinate my dogs and cats twice in their lives usually, the first done in a series of vaccines as little ones. I have been doing this for the past 40 years with not one case of illness. The only dog I have ever had any issues with was one that was brought into my home at 7 months of age and had already had 3 sets of vaccines. I had nothing but immune system issues with this poor girl. I lost her at 8 years old.......

Congratulations on your new kitty. I gave my daughter a rag doll kitty last year for Christmas. She absolutely adores him! They are awesome kitties! :)


Jack Sparrow at 11 months

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