Shower won't turn off completely

claudemoOctober 18, 2009

Hello, I have a PUSH/Pull Shower Knob in my shower and it won't shut off completely. I have tightened the screw on the stem and it still won't shut off completely. Is the stem worn out and if so, what tool do I need in order to remove the stem and replace it, and what parts would I need to fix it. Thanks in advance.

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The screw on the stem is only there to hold on the knob and is not the solution to this problem. You'll probably need to get a rebuild kit for the valve at a plumbing or big box store and replace the internal parts. This is usually not a terrifically difficult job if you have some plumbing skills, but the actual steps involved depend on the design of your particular valve. Hopefully you know the brand of valve and maybe even the name of the model, or can contact the manufacturer, so you can figure out what kit to buy.

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One other thought. Many of these single lever valves have a set of ceramic disks that control the water flow. Sometimes you can get grit in the line that partially jams one of the openings in the valve so it won't close completely. In any case, though, you'll have to be able to get the valve disassembled to see if it just has a piece of grit in it, or if it's worn or broken and needs the replacement kit.

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What brand is it?

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Probably needs the cartridge replaced. If the brand is Moen, it sounds like the Chateau. (The Chateau has a a clear acrylic knob: push/pull for on/off, and turn it left/right to adjust the temp.)

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what do I do when the volve won't come out? maybe some wd40, I don't know can somebody help me please......

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"what do I do when the volve won't come out?"

There is usually a clip or other device holding the cartridge in the valve body.

Remove the knob and the decorative plate and you should see the retaining method.

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