Negative edge plaster color

glenrosepoolFebruary 9, 2011

We have built a negative edge diving pool and are having a difficult time deciding on a plaster color. I was wondering if any of you had any advice. We have heard that black or grey gives the best look for a negative edge. Our negative edge wall is 42 feet long. We are just a little unsure if we really want something this dark especially because we have small children and want to be able to see them easily in the pool. We are considering regular plaster as well as Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, Pebble Fina, Wet Edge Technologies etc. anything is game at this point. We live in a very secluded rural area; therefore, we would like something that looks more natural to Texas rather than tropical. Pictures would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks for your time and help.

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glenrosepool...we finished our negative edge pool with Diamondbrite's Midnight Blue Finish. We also mixed it with their Onyx to give it a darker appearance which we wanted.

Below is a link to our pool. This plaster is actually a dark blue without can see the actual color of the plaster in the sixth picture where the water level is below the tile line in the negative edge pit.

The pictures which show the water as a light blue are with the sun directly overhead...the pictures where the water appears darker is with the sun low on the horizon in evenings and mornings.

We can see swimmers at the bottom of the 8 feet deep end without any problems, even when the sun is not directly shining above.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Pool with Darker Finish

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Um, that is by far the coolest residential pool I've ever seen. It makes the pool I'm building look like a poor man's hole in the ground! LOL. Your water color is fantastic BTW. Incredible pool.

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Rack Etear

This is a Dark/Charcoal Gray.

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Nice pool!

For some reason I thought you worked in Canada?

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Rack Etear

Close, Seattle.

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Thanks for all of the posts thus far. Any additional pics would be greatly appreciated too.

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We went with a very dark gray diamondbrite plaster. The water doesn't really appear this green...just reflecting the leaves. Can see the bottom very clearly.

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Plaster color and water clarity are two different issues.

@jmck: Nice pool! I love the use of real boulders.


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I guess what I meant was I want to be sure that with black plaster it is still easy to see something at the bottom of the pool especially when it is cloudy outside. I have never seen a black plaster pool in person simply in pictures on the internet. Sometimes in these pictures the water looks extremely dark. Maybe I am totally off base and you can see to the bottom of any pool very easily no matter what color the plaster is. Thanks!

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There is somewhat of a misconception with dark pools. I hear this allot.
If you are standing near the pool looking down in a black pool, you will be able to see someone just as clear, maybe clearer then in a white pool (less glare). Now as you move away from the pool a darker finish will reflect more, causing a mirror like look. At that point it is harder to see down into the pool.
I prefer darker pools with neg edges. It can give you that vertigo feeling when swimming, or looking across it.

Truly I only like neg edge pools when they are very high up or on water. Though the two above dropping into the stands of trees are amazing.

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Rack Etear

Just a pb normally I'd agree with you are well, but after doing a massive rock pool, with a negative edge I had to add "woods" to my acceptable installation places.

I once did a negative edge pool on a mostly flat yard, on a city lot. The client insisted on it, I thought, why bother... I was right, the client learned an expensive lesson....

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gorgeous pools. and serious question...are white deck drains in seattle common on dark colored decks? my clients would never let me get away with that. we have multiple colors in AZ to match decks.

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