Inline Valve for Refrigerator Ice Maker

JD-318October 31, 2012


I am new to the Forums and I have a request. I would like to install a valve in the flexible line that connects my ice maker to the supply line that is in my crawl-space. The ice maker suffers from an issue that could be resolved if I could lessen the water pressure going to the refrigerator.

I figure that I can accomplish this by installing an "inline" ball valve or gate valve in the standard flexible plastic water line. With the valve, I can modify the pressure until I get optimal results.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this project? I need to obtain a practical valve. Any ideas on online sources for the valve, which I believe would be 1/4 inch, brass or plastic, and would contain compression fittings on both sides of the valve?

Thanks for ANY help you all can provide.

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First of all, the water entering your refrigerator is metered by a solenoid operated needle valve, and that valve is certified to work correctly at the maximum allowable water pressure of 85psi.

There are no "issues" with the ice maker than can be resolved by reducing the line pressure.

Second, a ball valve is not a throttling valve and it would not reduced the pressure.

Perhaps if you can tell us what your issue is we can advise you of the correct method of fixing it.

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With these kinds of valves only the dynamic pressure will change, not static. If lower dynamic pressure is desired, a flow restrictor will suffice. You could just use smaller diameter tubing.

If you want a valve, I am sure your local hardware store can fix you up.

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A ball valve does not change either static or dynamic pressure.

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"A ball valve does not change either static or dynamic pressure."

It can throttle if partly opened.

They are NOT designed for this though.

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