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ekwanMarch 19, 2014

Hello! I am recently considering to remodel the kitchen so that I can put an island as an additional prep area as well as eating area. I have a narrow U shaped kitchen. No matter how I re-arrange the appliance, it seems that there is not enough space for an island (Or if i add an island, no space for people to walk around). I have a bad headache about it and want to get some advice.

The dimension of the kitchen is 100 inch on the left wall (with 88 inch is a patio door), 125 inch on the middle wall and 150 inch on the left wall (with 38 inch is an entrance to kitchen from dining). There is a wall with a hole in the bottom wall (which it did not show here).

I am thinking if I should insist to add an island. If not, how can I modify the current one to make it more open and efficient. The fridge seems to be big to ruin the area but its size is already counter depth.

Thank you for the advice.

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This is the wall on the other side of kitchen.

P.S. How can I attach several pictures in one post? Sorry..i am new here.

Thank you :)

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Wish I could help with posting multiple pictures, but I don't know how to post even one.

I think this kitchen is too narrow for an island.
Get rid of that desk?? with the 2 chairs. Move your fridge into that spot. Move your range into the fridge spot with a cabinet between the fridge and range. This should give you sufficient prep space between your sink and range. (can't see what's left of the current fridge location)

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This may or may not work for you, but since you have a counter depth fridge...what if you moved the dishwasher to the other side of the sink (current range location) and put the fridge where you have the dishwasher...and the trash can. That should mean there's enough space.

Then, move the range to where you have the fridge right fridge, corner sink, dishwasher, range...then add a peninsula to the end of the range counter. This would give you room for your two stools, but they would be facing the new dishwasher, with backs to the cutout to family room.

It might be nice to replace the uppers over current range area, with glass uppers for dishes. Just a few ideas :)

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The desk is mobile kitchen cart. The area behind the fridge is the continuation of cabinet and countertop frpm stove. One thing i don't like is the fridge totally block the view of the back, making the kitchen even smaller.

Re: lavender - Thanks for the advise! I am thinking it may be costly to re-connect the hood line, plumbing etc. But I definitely thinking to move the fridge to the stove position but need to quote the price.

I have two layouts that I ask a cabinet store do a picture for me. Don't know which one is good.

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I like this one better because the fridge is at the back. However, i don't know if that will create a problem of opening the door. And the space between fridge and island maybe wasted.

Any thought?

I even thinking of removing the wall to make the space bigger but just don't know how complicated to submit permit and stuff...

Thank you!

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Can you draw your layout with measurements? I think people will be able to help you more with it.

Don't assume things will be costly. Get multiple estimates.

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I think you are confusing an island and a peninsula. Both diagrams have peninsulas, no islands. Islands are free-standing, unattached to anything on all 4 sides.

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