Kitchen Faucet Challenge - which one can have handle mounted far

contemporganicOctober 26, 2010

I am hoping to find a kitchen faucet which can be mounted at the center back of a sink BUT have the handle (for on/off and temp control) mounted at a front corner of the sink. Can this be done? With which faucets? And, specifically, can it be done with either the Kohler Karbon or the Delta Pilar with Touch?? Thanks!!

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The Kohler Forte faucet is a wide spread faucet, you may be able to mount the spout at the back and the shut off valves to the side. In addition, looking at the layout of the kohler faucet, you may be able to add extensions to the 12" supplies and extend them even further, though I'd wonder what the reasons for the change are?

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it depends on the length of the flexible supply lines that take mixed water over to the spout. Nothing more than that. Ask Kohler if they can tell you which parts number hose could replace the hose that is in the Karbon faucet kit. You want one that is longer. I've opened the PDF's and seen the drawings. The hose is not long enough to put it as far away as you've described. Post again once you get a Kohler response.

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Contemporganic, did you ever get an answer from Kohler on this? Have you managed to install the Karbon (if that's what you decided to go with)?

Inquiring minds want to know...!



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