Replaced all the parts but toilet still leaks....I need help.

cruzmislOctober 5, 2008


I have a 10 yr old Kohler, Finial (I believe) 1.5g flush toilet. Recently I noticed I could hear a trickle of water when it was idle so I replaced the fill valve and the flapper thinking it was one of the two. It still leaked into the bowl after I replaced those parts. I thought that it may be the overflow pipe, maybe the seat was worn or pitted, so I replaced it but it still slowly leaks. I'm out of parts to replace and ideas. Can someone help?



PS I used a Fluidmaster valve and a Moen overflow tube/flapper. The tube and flapper came as a kit.

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Is the toilet overfilling- water level too high- with the excess running over the top of the overflow pipe? What is the model number of the Fluidmaster unit that is in the toilet?

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The water level is below the overflow pipe and the fill valve is a Fluidmaster 400A. It fills for 2 seconds every minute or so....

I even tried another brand of overflow tube and flap and it still does the same thing. Very frustrating.

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Tell me about the small tube from the 400A that goes to the overflow pipe. Where/how is that tube mounted at the overflow pipe?

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And take the chain/whatever that lifts the flush flapper off the flush lever near the top of the tank. Let the chain/etc. just rest on the bottom of the tank. Does the toilet still run needlessly?

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The tube is mounted above the overflow tube using the supplied bracket that came with the valve. I'm sure I have enough slack but I'll remove the chain and see what happens.

I should note I bought another tube/flapper, this time a Fluidmaster with the same leaky result :-(

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Is this a one piece toilet? Or does it have a separate tank?

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I encountered the same problem with DS's toilet a few months ago. Can't remember the brand but under the valve top (cap) there were a couple of plastic adjustment screws. One was too loose and after tightening it the problem was solved.

Here is a link that might be useful: diagram

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IÂm not a plumber or anything but I had a similar problem with my Fluid master. After checking and replacing many parts, I pinpointed the problem to a faulty drain seat. The opening that the flapper sits on was warped or somehow wasnÂt sealing against the flapper. I purchased a Fluidmaster flush valve drain seat repair kit ($7 USD) and that fixed the problem.

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Lets go back to the small tube that goes into the overflow pipe.
Is the very end of the tube down inside of the overflow so far that the end is below the water level in the tank when the tank is full of water?
If it is, then just what you described can happen.
Water can siphen from the tank into the overflow. It can go in thru the tank fill line of the 400A valve when the valve is closed and out the small tube down the overflow. Then when the tank level goes down a little the 400A valve opens to fill the tank again. Then it starts over again and again. It would take a minute or two for enough water to siphen out of the tank for the water level to drop enough for the 400A valve to open to refill the tank and only a few seconds for the water comming in under presser to fill the tank enough to close the 400A valve.
So check that small tube again and be sure that the END is above the tank water level.
I have seen this happen twice and one of them was installen by a plumbing company not just a "do-it-your-selfer" like you and me.
I'll bet you a beer that's it.


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Thank you for your post. Your information fixed my leaking toilet. Thanks a bunch!!!

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Well i believe that you should take some professional assistance now as you have tried to fix the problem by yourself but it does not seem to be getting rectified.

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I had the same problem with the leaky toilet and had replaced the flapper twice as well as installing a new seat, to no avail. Using Don's tip on checking the hose I noticed mine was way down past the water line. Cutting the hose shorter seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks a bunch!


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