air in water line to toilet???

knittedroseOctober 21, 2011

I am inexperienced in plumbing. There is my disclaimer. We have a toilet that wasn't holding water in the fill tank, so I fixed that. Turned the water to the toilet, off and off several times in the process. The water sounded kind of liek there was air in the line, but I figured it would resolves itself. Finished my task, turned the water supply to the toilet back on, but noting happens. No water comes into the toilet at all. What in the world could this be and how do I resolve it? Thanks for your answers.

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The air is not stopping the water, something else is.

Air is pretty violently expelled from water supply lines as soon as pressure is restored and a valve opened.

It can actually damage some tank fill valves.

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Agree with's not air. Clogged line; blocked/stuck valve....something like that.

If you're comfortable trouble-shooting lines and valves, go ahead and start looking. If not, this is plumber-time. Regardless, I suspect simple diagnosis and fix.

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