Is my float switch broken? It goes clunk...

weedwomanOctober 13, 2012

A friend gave me a used battery backup sump pump. The float with the switch in it goes 'clunk' when you shake it, and only seems to go on if you jiggle it, not if it just rises with the water level. The float switch on my original pump doesn't clunk when you shake it. Is the other one broken?

I don't know what's inside there, maybe some kinds do go clunk. I'd just go buy a new one except the hardware store wants $50 for it and I'm not inclined to spend that unless it's really broken.



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There are many type of float switches, some with a moveable weight element that is used to actuate the switch when the float rises up.

Te weight is free to move inside the float.

I much prefer these to the water pressure type switches.

They oft n have a small orifice facing downwards that responds when air pressure in the chamber rises as the water level increase.
The problem with them is that the opening to the chamber has a nasty habit of clogging with debris and preventing the pump from turning on when needed.

Other models have a moving magnet on a float rod that activates a reed switch.

There are pretty good unless the rod get jammed.

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