Dog throwing up yellow bile

debbiep_gwDecember 12, 2005

Hi,what would be the most obvious reason for a dog to throw up yellow bile?One of my bassetts which is around 4 years old throws up yellow bile at least 3 nights a week between the hours of 12:00 and 6:00 in the morning.I wake up to hear her wretching a little and I jump up for the towel and she will throw up bile and then lay back down and sleep.This has been going on for a little while.She eats a raw diet and gets along fine with it.The diet consist of the raw foods that are fine for them.I thoroughly did my homework before changing them to a raw has been on it almost a year and this one almost 6 months.They eat around 5:00 in the afternoon so I know shes not going to bed with a full stomach.The vomit contains no food,shes not on any medication.No serious health issues other than leg/hip problem that flares up sometimes.She will take rimadyl(sp?)at that time but only then.She hasn't had any in over a week.I've noticed no problems from taking that.She seems to feel fine and her appetite is great.The other one threw up bile as a puppy but hardly ever now.Any one else have a dog that does this frequently?Should I be concerned?Also want to mention she has gas a lot,no idea if this could be related.Debbie

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If it is frothy bile my first thought is "hunger". If she eats at 5PM could you give her a late snack before bed and see if it improves? If that didn't work, I would call your vet.

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If your dog is eating and drinking normally, her poop and urine output look normal, and she's otherwise acting normal, it's probably nothing to worry about. However, any dog taking any NSAID (like Rimadyl), even intermittently, should have her kidney and liver enzyme levels checked regularly to make sure the med isn't having a deleterious effect on those organs. A simple blood test will tell you if all is well in that regard.


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My dog had the exact same symptoms and she wound up being diagnosed with IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We wound up having to have her endoscoped in order to diagnose her. She was treated with Prednisone and is now doing very well with a special diet.
She would throw up bile every night, more toward morning. She had a lot of gas, and her stomach growled and rumbled and gurgled alot.

Good luck!


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One of my dogs did that too, and it was definitely hunger. I started giving her a little snack before bedtime and it stopped. I feed raw too, but the bile thing started way before that.

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I also think a snack is in order. My dog does the same if she goes too long without food. Plus, she's also on pepcid for her 'gerd' problem.

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Our dog has started to do the same thing in the middle of the night these past two nights. Yep, frothy and he does not vomit any of his dinner kibble. No gas, no borborygmy (the technical name for stomach growling).

We will try the bedtime snack idea before stepping up to the vet.

Might it be higher calorie needs because of winter?

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Mine used to do that too if he was hungry. A small after-dinner snack fixed it.

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Our dog does that once in a while. The vet said it was an imbalance of the bactria in the intestine just past the stomach. He's given us a pill that smells like cod liver oil and then she's OK.

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Last night we tried feeding a snack at 10 PM and he did not throw up during the night. That may have solved it. Thank you all!

Of course all the other dogs thought they were entitled as well, so they all got a round of kibble. Let's hope they do not learn how to order out for pizza.

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Glad to hear that you may have found the resolution. My three dogs do the same thing...normally it's on the weekend in the morning if I sleep in, or if I am later than usual getting home from work. With both my husband and myself working they are used to eating breakfast at 7am and dinner at 5pm...if were more than an hour or so late for either meal..i'm sure to find some bile spots :)

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Thanks for the advice.Hopefully its hunger.I had forgotten to mention she did get snacks between meals and a snack at night time.She is hungry all the time and she gets the larger portions of food as the other one needs to lose a few pounds or at least not gain anymore.She seems to have some of the same symptoms as Mom23cali's dog.She has gas,stomach gurgles during the night plus she has awful breath I can't get rid of.The raw diet took care of bad breath for the other one but hasn't helped this one.I also wonder can dogs have acid reflux?She sits up in bed in the middle of the night and I hear her making throat sounds.I've already spoken to the vet he seems to think its nothing to worry about the throwing up bile as long as shes fine otherwise,no weight lose,etc.Annz if you read this again does your dog take the same kind of pepcid we do?Thanks..Debbie

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My dog is one. He has randomly been throwing up in the middle of the night, the next day loose bowels follow. One time he threw up food after a long walk/ visit to the dog run a little while after breakfast. Our vet said to keep him on a strict kibble diet, no people food and to give him pepto bismal tablets if his tummy acts up. I feed him Wellness brand, and only give him Newman's treats and carrots or peanut butter on a cookie occassionally as a treat. His tummy makes noises regulary - however I will pay more attention- perhaps it is a hunger thing!! I hope that is it! I will try the late night snack - thanks!!

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Mine used to do that too if he was hungry. A small after-dinner snack fixed it.

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My dog does the same where he throws up early in the morning or late at night between 12 and 7am. He is a puppy that a problem. I am feeding him Eukanuba puppy for small breed and a little pedigree chicken for puppies mixed in because he wont eat unless its in there. hes drinking, playing and eating just fine, in my is there anything i should worry about?

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Raw food is digested faster than kibble. While it may be healthier for your dogs, it may not work for this dog since it leaves her with an empty belly for too long. Her empty stomach is overproducing acid which is irritating her stomach.
You have a couple choices:
1)Feed her a later meal.
2)Switch her to kibble
3)Keep treats next to the bed and feed one just before bed and immediately upon waking. Be aware that I have seen this train some dogs to wake their owners up earlier and earlier to get the treat.
4) Give her Pepcid AC (famotidine) to control the acid.
The typical dose administered is 0.25 to 0.5 mg per pound.

Not all of these options work for every dog but pick whichever one works best for your family and give it a try.

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I have the same problem with my dog, she just turned one, and she throws up bile AT LEAST 3 times a week. I usually put her food down first thing in the morning, but it's like she would rather play than eat. What kind of snacks do you guy give your dogs? I am worried about giving her treats so she won't throw up, and her coming to always expect a treat instead of eating her normal food. Know what I mean? But, the throwing up is getting gross. :-(


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Thanks for all the great tips!!!
This morning at 7am my 1 year old Beagle threw up a thin, bright yellow bile, and she's otherwise in perfect health. Could be the early feeding, I gave her the regular routine of dry + wet homemade food at around 7, which means she'd gone for 12 hours without something in her tummy... I'll keep the treats by the bed, and give her a few before bed, she'll be happy to know she'll be getting more milkbones!!! MMmmm... milkbones!!

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Just wanted to report that its been a month since she has thrown up bile.She had a bad case of the whipworms.I don't think this had anything to do with the yellow bile but I did switch my dogs back over to cooked food/some dog food instead of eating the raw diet.The raw diet wasn't working for the other one and I want both to eat the same foods so the switch was made for both of them.Thus far both are doing better with the stomach problems.I did really like feeding raw but it was just not working out right now for them..Debbie

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My 7 month old Jack Rat just started throwing up yellow bile and has loose stools. She doesn't want to eat and getting her to drink anything is difficult. Any suggestions on what could be the cause.

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I think a trip to the vet is in order for your jack rat.

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Take her to the vet a.s.a.p.!

Lack of eating and not drinking could be something serious.


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I just noticed this thread waas almost a year old, and also have had issues with my dog throwing up bile in the morning more often, so we ran a panel, he is of course fine, but the new vet he saw suggested to feed a dog more often so that the bile does not irritate the stomach so much. My dog is a free feeder since he is not food oriented and I have had to get creative to get him to eat in the monring, however, this has helped tremendously and he no longer tosses his cookies in the AM.

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i have a 3 yr old sprocker who is throwing up white yellow watery stuff which i suspect is bile he dosent do it everyday and when he does it is mid afternoon usually when i get back in the house from being out for a few hours.
he is eating and drinking fine and is in good health could you help me with this matter. thank you.

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natalie, my dog does the same thing in the afternoon. Her tummy rumbles and grumbles too. Normally she will do it if we're at home, if she's home alone she doesn't do it. I think she's more excited and anticipating dinner when we're home so she has a more acid stomach. Maybe a snack for him before you go out would work?

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I would pay attention if your dogs also a chewer. If we go out and forget to give my beagle something to chew on while we're out, she'll throw up bile. And it's not hunger, its because she nibbles at her blankets the whole time, and I think little pieces of fluff get in her tummy and she starts producing acid. She does this with or without eating before hand, if she doesn't have something other than her blankets to gnaw on.

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As the original poster to this thread I just wanted to say I have gotten this problem under control.She has to eat another small meal at night,if its skipped she will throw up bile.Its the same way in the daytime also.They eat at 7:30(morning) and if she does not get a few treats(dog biscuits)by 1:00 or 2:00 she will throw up bile then to in the afternoon.They now eat three smaller meals instead of two larger ones.Hope your dogs feel better soon.Debbie

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It is now after midnight MST and my dog has just thrown up bile again. Max is 18 months old (he is a mixed bread ÂI adopted him from the Humane Society at 8 weeks old). He started doing this about 4 months ago, just around the same time he was put on an antibiotic for an ear infection. His vet changed his antibiotic and I watched him closely and he seemed to completely stop getting sick as soon as both antibiotics were out of his system. Tonight is the first time in months. He is a free feeder too and only eats once or twice a day (usually in the morning and/or at dinner time), so I hope the empty stomach thing is the answer! I just gave him a milk bone (after cleaning up the mess) and hope his stomach settles.

I just donÂt understand why when he has food in his dish and if he is hungry, why doesnÂt he just eat? Also, why when his normal eating pattern has not changed does he only get sick sporadically, literally out of nowhere? I just hope this is not the beginning of another 3-week battle (about 3-4 nights a week like before). I could write an essay on all my thoughts but I wonÂt (am a bit delirious and need to get back to bed).

Thank you, to all of you, who are there for us beginners! Especially in the middle of the night where your experiences and advice is free (vets bills can really be a bummer)! I will check back in later on MaxÂs progress. Thanks again!

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First of all, why are you free feeding your dog? This is a huge mistake unless your vet recommends it. This can cause issues with house training and behavior. Dogs by nature are not free feeders. That's why they snarf down their food so fast. Naturally, they think it's going to be their last.

You need to be in control of the food. Read the instructions on the package of food, it will indicate how much your dog should get. If it does not eat when you offer it, after about 10 minutes, take it away until next the next feeding 10-12 hours later

The yellow bile issue could be from the meds or an upset tummy. I wouldn't feed anything after the dog brings something up. Just like humans, we don't like to eat much after we have this experience).

I have three large dogs. They all bring up bile once in a while. My Shepherd/Hound has a very sensitive stomach (it's the Shepherd part of her). She does it most.

Cottage cheese mixed in with food just before meds really helps tummies from getting upset.

Good luck!


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I feed my lab once a day at dinner time. If she doesn't eat all her food, I leave the rest out (free feeding I guess). Sometimes, she won't eat and thats when she'll get sick the next morning or during the night. Honestly, I really can't blame an animal for not wanting to eat food that they eat every single day of their life (unless its the raw diet of course). Its got to get old. Usually I'll put a small bit of whatever we are eating on the top of her food to get her started, but if I don't, "sometimes" thats when she won't eat. Most of the time she figures out shes not getting anything and eventually wanders over to her bowl. If shes not eating by the time we're getting ready for bed then I have to feed her another way... usually if I put a few pieces on the floor she'll start eating then go to her bowl. Sometimes I feed her one piece at a time (like giving treats... she doesn't get any dog treats because my husband will give her some of his snacks-pretzels, etc.- once a day). Its like a game sometimes, but like I said, you don't want them to get used to it. Thats why I'll put something good (very small amount I'm talking-shes an 80lb lab and maybe gets a tbl or 2 depending what it is) on top of her food. Once she starts eating, she doesn't want to quit even though the good stuff is gone, and the other food is then right in front of her face. If the dog is vomitting even after they eat thier food for the day, try splitting the meal in two and feed them twice a day. Do not increase the amount of food you are giving, just simply split it in two. If that doesn't work, off to the vet for some tests. Obviously, if they are showing any other signs besides the vomitting (lethargy, diarrhea, fever) you want to take them to the vet before a diet experiment.

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Just an updateÂ. The snack at night seemed to work great! He is feeling a lot better and I have learned to watch to see if he eats at least a little something before he goes to bed. To address what one person stated about me free feeding. I choose to free feed because my parents always had those dogs that "scrarfed" down their food so fast and they always seemed famished. I adopted our dog at 8 weeks he has had no issues with food or "scarfing" and is now 18 months. He eats when he is hungry and stops when he is done. I do watch what he eats and he never over does it; I wish I could be so disciplined. For now, free feeding seems to work well for us. Thanks again for everyoneÂs postings and advice!

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I have been having the same problem with our 11 year old Rott. This started about 9 months ago. We have taken her to the vet, he has said throughtout this time it could be, pancreas, IBS, acid.. He has given her fluids, diff meds and diff food and a shot for throwing up and one for acid reflux. Nothing is helping.. She goes to vet offen cause of this throwing up of the yellow bile. Sometimes its just that, sometimes there is food in it. I feed her several times a day small amounts. At times it seems like she is getting better, then here it goes, she throws up. She is on predasone 10mg twice a day now since 3 days ago. She also gets acid reducer pill once a day.She eats responds dog food you get from the vet's office. I have to add water to it and it like mush, they said it would her digest it better. She isn't even eating 4 cups a day, lucky if we get two down her these last few days.I can't get my carpet cleaned from the bile. I put her in the kitchen last night, I have never locked my dogs in there and feel sooo bad doing this, but she is ruining my carpets with throwing up. Sometimes she throws up 3 times a night. She will be in a good sleep, wake up, cough and throw up. The vet wants to do testing, which I can't afford, To check her stomach they want 1200... Any suggestions would be welcomed. thank you all

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Try adding cottage cheese or plain yogurt to her food. This will help calm the stomach.

As for cleaning up the bile. I have three dogs, all of them bring it up once in a while. If you use 4-5 sheets of paper towel, fold them over and dab up the bile, then take 4-5 more towels, saturate them with cold water, and rub. I usually fold the towels over three or four times when rubbing the carpet.

If your dog is doing this as often as you indicate, there could be something seriously wrong. Your dog does not feel well for some reason.

I know all to well that medical expenses for animals can be expensive. Perhaps you should consider asking the vet to refer you to an organization that can help you with testing/medical issues. I'm not familiar with any, but I have heard that they are out there.

Good luck!


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I'm trying to find out if anyone can help me with this problem with my dog, which is sort of related to yours. I previously posted at the link below, which chronicles what's been going on. The last post was last week, prior to going to the vet again this past Wednesday, but there hasn't been a response.

He's back on prednisone and sulfa, plus the aminophylline he's been on since last year.

This morning I fed him and withheld water for about a 1/2 hour so he would keep his food down. He was fine, no throwup, so I gave him water and he went right outside and threw up again, so I am more than ever convinced that the water is triggering it. Nearly every time he drinks water, he throws up this stuff, along with food if it's near feeding time, AM or PM and has lost some weight (He did need to lose a little).

It is not yellow, but sort of a little foamy and egg-white consistency. Any insight gladly accepted.


Here is a link that might be useful: Previous post

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Thanks for the help. I will get some yogurt and try that. Any brand, do I let get room tempt give it to her cold. At this point I will try anything as I don't think even the vet's know what to do anymore without running the tests.
She stayed in the kitchen last night and just sipped up a few times. I did feed her some food before bedtime, not much 1/4 cup maybe. When I fed her this morning, which was again about 1/4 of a cup, she threw that up just now which was about an hour and half after eating it. It was food and slime. Sometimes it isn't yellow and is white and foamy. She coughs and up it comes. I am to the point that every time she coughs I have to see if she threw up. At one time we thought it was due to her licking all the time, she would throw up and it would be like a cat throwing up hairballs, she'd have hairballs.
As one mentioned it's like trying to clean an egg white off the carpet. I used a lot of paper towels and have to scoop in into a plastic bag. This pile was close to the size of a babies head, we aren't talking a little bit when she throws up the bile, slime. I have washed, pre treated and soak all the of areas and it still won't come out.
I really wouldn't want to put her down, she is a good dog and healthy in everything else, She wants to eat, play and be by me all the time.
I just don't know what else to do. There are no places that help with the expenses. We tried when my mom had problems with her dog, she ended up putting down, there was nothing she could anymore. Do I take her back to the vet, call and tell him, what more can he do...

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Diamens, when my Husky had those same symptoms, he had gastric adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer). He was diagnosed by endoscopy and biopsy. Aleks felt fine, playful, would still go on long walks, but he just kept throwing up bile and slowly his appetite decreased too. He went through a surgery to try to remove the cancer, but they couldn't get it all and his symptoms didn't get better, so I had to put him down because he wasn't eating at all despite all his medications and special diet. I hope that's not what your dog has, but being an 11 year old Rottie cancer unfortunately is high on the list of differentials.

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Cali, our 13 year old yorkie/poodle mix started doing this again last night. She has gastric adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer). After a lot of soul searching, we elected not to have her go through the surgery, as the tumor is about the size of a softball and is formed around other vital organs. Our vet and a surgeon told us that we could lose her on the table. This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made... She has had a good 3 weeks at home, playing with her other 2 sisters (Dixie and eBay), eating well (until last night), She wouldn't eat last night, nor drink, our vet gave us some pain meds for her, but she is resting easy so we have not given her any of it yet. When her time comes, we have made arrangements vet our vet, to assist her passing. I pray that this never happens to any puppy, as they are truly very special loved ones... God Bless...

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Thank you for your help. Here is an update on Jazz. She hasn't throwen up since Thursday night. I have been giving her very small amounts of her food every hour or so and give her a bit before bedtime. I need to fatten her up, she has lost weight with being sick. How much should a dog really eat in a day? I have up to two cups a day now, she used to eat 4.I know two isn't enough. She wants to eat more, I can see it. She is getting her presidone twice a day along with an anti acid. I talked with the vet on Thursday and he said there is nothing he can do for unless I get the endoscope which is 800.00 or let him go in and get some biopsies which would be 1,200. Which I don't have. I have no clue what could wrong with our dog, is it cancer, liver, kidney, gall badder problems?? Should I go to a health food store and see what they have for her?
thanks again

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I have a one-year-old great dane whom we gave a store bought bone to lastnight as a treat. She spent a couple of hours gnawing at it. Around 1 this morning she vomited her dinner twice, then an hour or two later vomited yellow bile. Today, she is still continuing to vomit every hour or two, but it is a white foam. I called our local vet and they said to not feed or water her and to keep an eye on her. I just want to make her more comfortable. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Do you think it is just from the bone? She has not eaten or drank anything today at all and she is only laying around.

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We have a 1 1/2 year old shitzu/bichon-frise cross. He throws up bile and also dog food. Have been battling since we brought him home at 8 weeks. Sometimes he wheezes like a seizure with coughing, etc. Vets having problems diagnosing it. We tried all the diet changes, hard bagged dog food, canned science diet, now give him turkey/rice..homemade. Sometimes he'll go a month without throwing up...then three times in a day. And everyday of the week. Vet has given him antibiotics, the suspected "live shunt" blood test, and tons of other stuff. The dog is not lethargic..can still keep most of his food down so he's not skinny...looks heathly. After a year with two different vets we're driving to hours one way to find another vet. The poor little dog...dang...we became attached to him, our first dog we bought for our 11 year old daugther. The dog's like a son to me. Well he's at the vet now. I'll keep you updated. Maybe I'll try the cottage cheese yogart thing, we've tried everything else. We've tired staggering his meals throughout the day, then one meal, then two meals, treats and no treats, etc....oh his stools are somewhat orange. Still not letharic and still loves to play and eat. We'll keep trying...he's brought to much joy to our family.

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that was suppose to be "liver shunt" not "live shunt"...i left the letter off in above post ...sounds like a liver shunt can cause this type of thing...

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Have the vets treated for IBD?

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I wish I had read this before I put my dog thru all the tests not to mention the $700.00 that I had to get a loan to pay. Her bile throw up is still being treated by the Vet but she has run out of the Orange Medicine and I was going tomorrow to buy more. I make her food and she has been doing great. She has homemade biscuits too and loves them. Only doing the food making because that poison thing worries me. So, giving her a biscuit before bed might be the answer.... Funny, the vet never mentioned that.

Thank you for the tip, will try before the next round of x-rays start

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I wanted to mention that my dog had this problem when I switched her to Nutro dog food. She would vomit bile very early in the morning (usually around 5 or 6 am) most days. We switched to a different food and the problem stopped immediately. If you are feeding Nutro and have this issue you may want to change.

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my two year old westie throws up bile either during the night or in the afternoon. I had him checked by the vet and he said that he was healthy and fine...the vet told me to feed him small meals during the day so I did...7am 1pm 6pm and 10pm. I just started this week. He is still waking up throwing up. Maybe it's the food I am giving him. I feel him blue buffolo which is all natural? He would throw up here and there over the past few months....but recently every night he gets up throwing up waking me up...HELP!!!!

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i have a one year old doberman pinscher and a few times during the day she will throw up yellow foam...we think it may be from the pool because she goes in the pool and drinks the water. we also think that it may be from the hunger thing. she doesnt eat when shes supposed to. we feed her 4 times a day. we feed her science diet. we just recently changed her from eukanuba large breed puppy to science diet large breed puppy. she also has a lot of gas which at first we thought it was from her food but its not. her stomach does not make noises. all of this has just recently started. she still loves to play and run aorund and this is not affecting her behavior at all.

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Megan, is he still vomiting bile after you changed the meals to 4 a day or is he now vomiting his meals? Even though Blue Buffalo is a good food, there may be something in there that doesn't agree with him.

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I just reccently changed his dog food to Natures Choice just for terriors I will see how that goes...I went to the vet again and he said that theres nothing wrong with him..We will see in time...maybe it was the food!!!

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4 year old Pit Bull male would not eat food when it was put down as younger dog. Since then he has been a free eater, picking at his food throughout the day. We feed him Bil-Jac food and he likes to eat Rawhide bones.

He has problems with vomiting yellow bile and white frothy liquid at all hours of the day sometimes as often as a few times a month. Otherwise healthy dog with a log of energy.

Any suggestions for what might be causing this?

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our 3 year old german short hair pointer started throwing up yellow bile last week. We thought that it was anxiety due to him being alone more than usual. He seems to throw up only when we are gone. He did throw up tonight while we were here. He does chew on those white bones but always has so we don't think that could be it. He has thrown up when he eats the bone too fast but it's always white. This yellow stuff is all new.
Any suggestions?

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I have a one year old white German shepherd who is being fed California Natural chicken and rice kibble. He gets the occasional raw knuckle bone and some healthy treats (we avoid fillers, rawhide and such) and he throws up at least every other night. A few times he has thrown up food (so gross) but it is usually yellow bile, sometimes frothy and always very smelly.

I don't know what could be wrong...this has been going on for several months and the vet couldn't tell us anything. I will try the snack thing and see if it helps. We have tried antibiotics (though they were prescribed because he had some bloody diarrhea), home diet of mild boiled chicken and rice to no avail and we think he has EPI because he always has loose stool that is usually bright has blood in it sometimes... I don't know. Our vet didn't find anything wrong in his stool samples and I know it isn't worms or any parasite. We have been trying to treat the EPI with pancreatic enzyme supplements before meals (maybe the bloody diarrhea from today was a result?) but it is still not normal at all and he still throws up.

He isn't lethargic and is very active...isn't overweight, playful, good appetite and we feed him twice daily. He doesn't seem to put on weight at all and he seems to have a sensitive stomach.

Please, please email me with any suggestions or thoughts you have. I am a broke college kid and I can't afford more vet visits but I want my dog to be well.


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Unfortunately Nikolau, being broke and having healthy pets don't generally go together.

Lots of things could be causing your dog to have diarrhea and vomiting, and honestly I can't think of a one that can be diagnosed and treated without seeing a vet. A lot of what you describe sounds like EPI, but it could be IBD, food allergies, or any other number of things. Blood in the stool is definitely BAD, and is not a symptom of bilous vomiting syndrome, so I doubt the night-time snacks will help with that at all. It may help with the vomiting but I doubt it.

Besides looking at a fecal sample, what has your vet done or suggested?

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Please make sure your vet checks for acid reflux, there are several safe meds that can easily cure this!!!!

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read the ingredients of all food your pet eats---- just because your vet gives you something unfortunately it doesn't make it good....for example the science diet prescription formulas are very questionable-----
their "w/d" in instance is suppose to be for wieght loss or other stomach problems--- the ingredients are GROUND CORN, CELLUOSE (this is like straw) chicken by-products -- yuk!! it also sells for about $65 a big bag... there is no ingredients that need a prescription!!! i call this a scam........

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Science Diet is far from a scam. Science Diet is one of the best foods on the market that is backed by solid research and owned by a fine parent company, Colgate. They truly have the animals' interests at stake unlike many other brands. Also, their ingredients are the finest in the industry. There is a lot of misinformation out there...

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"Science Diet is one of the best foods on the market..."

Science Diet is GARBAGE, GARBAGE, GARBAGE. Also stay away from Iams, Eukanuba, Hills science diet, nutrience, nutro, Anything by Purina, whiskas, friskies, fancy feast etc...

Look at the label, don't buy any food that has these on the label: CORN, WHEAT, SOY, GLUTEN, CEREALS, DYE's, and BY-PRODUCTS of any kind.

These are the first few ingredients in regular science diet: Chicken By-Product Meal, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Brewers Rice, Animal Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), Corn Gluten Meal.

Here is their supposedly high quality food called Natures Best: Chicken, Cracked Pearled Barley, CORN GLUTEN MEAL, Whole Grain Oats, Brown Rice, Dried Egg Product, ANIMAL FAT (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid).

Animal fat is listed there in both. In case you are unaware, animal fat is made by taking euthanized shelter animals (that were killed with euthanicide), road kill, and leftovers scraped off of slaughter house floors and boiling them, they then scrape the layer of fat off the top and send it to pet food companies who use it to flavour their pet food.

By-Products: Are feet, beaks, fur, feathers, ears, and entrails scraped off of slaughter house floors. Also remember the animals boiled to make animal fat - they also take the boiled carcasses, dry them, and grind them up and sell them to pet food companies who them call them by-products. (They don't even know what animals the by-products come from, it just says ANIMALS on the bag, that is revoltingly disgusting and I wouldn't even feed those kinds of food to a pet rock let alone my pets).

Those ingredients are linked to kidney and bladder stones, kidney and liver failure, urinary tract infections and blockages, irritable bowel disorder and bowel blockages, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and shortened lifespan. (It would be like a human eating hot dogs every day, sure they are tasty but they are horrible for your nutrition).

I would think twice about feeding my pets such a poor diet.

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What do dogs eat?
Dogs are omnivores (able to eat food from both animal and vegetable origins) and require a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. In the wild dogs would achieve a balanced diet by eating all parts of their prey, including the bones, tendons, organs, intestines and their contents (often composed of vegetable material) as well as the muscle.

Dogs cannot survive on a diet of meat alone, being low in most vitamins and calcium which is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Meat also has an imbalance of calcium to phosphorous, which can effect bone growth, plus an excess of protein and fat.

also; You can give your dog a raw, meaty bone as a treat, which also helps to keep his teeth clean. Raw chicken wings and necks are good for cats and small dogs, but are not large enough to clean the teeth of bigger breeds. Sheep femurs are currently being advised by some specialist veterinary dentists, although brisket and other bones are also used. Your dog needs to chew on bones at least twice weekly for dental health, and daily is even better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feeding Your Dog a Balanced Diet

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My dog has been doing the same for the last few days. We recently moved from VA to NM and have been in NM for about 2 weeks. He was doing fine until the beginning of this week. He ate some sticks on Sunday night and played in some water and later on he threw up the sticks he ate that afternoon. Then on Monday he got the bordetella vaccine (this is not the first time he has had it) and then Monday night he threw up in his crate. Then on Tuesday morning after playing in some water he threw up most of his food and then some bile and dry heaved a few times. I took him to the vet on Wed. after he tried to throw up again and they told me that all his blood work was perfectly normal and that he needed an x-ray to see if there was a foreign body in his intestines. I did the x-ray yesterday and they told me they didn't see anything but that doesn't mean there isn't anything in there that wasn't picked up by the x-ray and recommended I go see a specialist. It seems now that he only throws up a few hours after he drinks but he can keep his food down. I read through the message board and tried feeding him his normal food and gave him some bottled water and so far we have been successful. My vet tells me he should have a barium series to fully rule out the foreign body anyone have any kind of suggestions?

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well i wanted to take the advice of many of the people on here saying their dog was just hungry however one night my dog was throwing up so much that i got worried... he threw up about 5 times and then i came home during the day to find a few more spots.. i took him to the vet immediately (which you should truly do if you care for your pet) and they did some bloodwork which came back normal. however she then did an xray and found he had eaten something and it was stuck in his intestine. he had surgery the next morning to have it removed and it was successful. however he died a few hours later of a bloodclot bursting in his lung. he was only a year and a half and probably the most important thing in my life. my main point is take your dog to the vet, that is not fair to them. i am a college student who is broke and loved my dog so much i would pay for a 2400 dollar surgery to save him. it really is that important. dont self diagnose bc that could potentially lead to much worse issues and costs.

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My 14 year old dog just recently started to throw up randomly, to give a little background info as you already know she is 14 yrs of age her food has been the same for as long as i can remember which about 5 to 6 yrs she seems perfectly happy and doesn't look like she would have any problems, as far as food and water go i give her fresh water every day and she is fed adult dog healthy weight formula and i put a cup of food in a bowl which she has access to 24/7 so i know its not hunger and she seems to go to the bathroom like she always has, she looks perfectly healthy from the out side and i am worried i am hoping it is nothing major because my mom dose not have even 20 dollars to spare and I'm only 15 and she is what keeps me going if i lost her i don't know what id do. so if you have any suggestions please tell me.

Alex Sekora

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I noticed the same thing with my 4 healthy dogs,and as well in the past that they were eating good quality food,specially Nutro's,science diet.I phoned Nutro's and told them,they said it wasn't their food causing this BUT as soon as I stopped feeding them those brands,they all stopped throwing up yellow vile,and it's not change of food either for now they get like a trail mix of all kinds accept Nutros and Hills and Science diet.I don't trust the dog food either,specially since I've witnessed the change with more then one dog! Toast is really good for soaking up the acid in their tummies,I would try that,if large dog,then 2 pieces of toast.Plain yogart is helpful with their digestive system and also helps fight bacteria.
As for how much to feed,I find all dogs are different,I have fussy eaters and gorbie guts! Some are rescue dogs which maybe had to survive on not much,they feel they have to keep eating and act hungry all the time!I feed them all twice a day with healthy snacks in the afternoon and near bedtime,not too many.Rawhide anything is very bad for dogs to eat,not good for their tummies at all! Real knuckle bones are really good for them and their teeth and for ones that chew on blankets or nibbles on things,bored dogs.
I do believe that seeing a vet is very important,and their shots up to date is very important and lots of love and activity!
If anyone else is having issues like this and eating Nutros or Science diet,Nature's Choice(Nutro's brand)and hills,PLEASE let me know.Just because they say it's good,don't forget people,these are the same people that put out all that bad food!By Products of any kind is not good for them,and alot of this food that has filler in it doesn't fill them up the same and that's why they will still seem hungry!That's because they are!Check around and try a different food if your pet is not agreeing with it.
Hope this helps

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My previous dog, who died at 16-1/2 of cancer, was on Nutro Senior for the last several years of his life. Then he lost interest in all dog foods - and I tried several - including the wellness brands guaranteed to stimulate appetites. I was able to get him to eat by mixing in chicken or beef with the kibble. My current dog is about 11 and was obtained 2 years ago from a rescue organization. He only wants Nutro Small Bites. I have tried him on several others, including wellness brands. He also eats well with chicken, turkey and beef supplements. Lean meat, no skin, minimal cooking oils/butter. He's not interested in treats, just 2 small meals a day. He coughs up bile once in awhile (every 2 months?) when he has been licking himself. I think it's a hairball.

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My pup not even a year yet, has started throwing up, their was food and she isnt eating, then it was yellow biel and now its throthy, tummy is gurgaling and she still isnt eating or drinking that i can tell. Tryed her with some rice, wont eat. Please email me asap

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hi my dog is 3-1/2 yrs old he is a pomeranian about 6 lbs. I have noticed that he ahs been throwing up in the mornings and it seems to look like bile its yello with white foam mucus and he has been eating normally and drinking normally but today he has not felt well at all he looks sad has not wanted to do anything but sit or lay, he alos is very quiet and is making this weird pushing sound like if his tummy hurts his mouth smells sour and he is not his usual self also he is stretching out like if to releave stomach pain or something i have not giving him any deworming medicine for about a year and he is due for his new set of shots and his new rabbies vaccine . please if anyone has any idea what may be wrong please help i am going to take him to the vet for vaccines including rabbies please i need someones opinion thank you this puppy is my world .

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Last 2 posters ... if your dog is acting that sick, please get them to the vet ASAP. Don't leave it to a bunch of strangers on a internet forum to give suggestions.

Call the VET!

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Hello, my rottwieler is also throwing up yellow stuff, I havent had her long but she seems to throw up nearly everyday, I feed her regular and walk her all the time, she throws up at random times a day. She eats and drinks ok and she sleeps fine she acts fine all the time. But she could be sat on her box looking out the window one minute and the next minute she is throwing up. Could this be because of a change in her dog food? Or worms or something? I honestly haven't got a clue, I thought id look in to it before taking her to the vets but I feel awful for her and I don't think my Carpet can take it much longer xxx

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My 5.5 year old female Labrador has been vomiting for 3.5 months now. She constantly throws up in the form of Phlegm. It is very frothy on the top & the bottom of it is a very thick substance. Her bowel movements are fine; Doctors have done many tests on her but can�t seem to find a reason for her throwing up. They say she is clinically fine. Her kidney & liver tests came out normal. Only thing they said was she has a very slight trace of Filarial. They took 3 x-rays of her stomach region & said they found nothing wrong there. In November she was a 32Kg dog, now weighs only 24kg. She eats very little. We took her off dairy products thinking she may have been lactose intolerant. But that didn�t solver the problem either. She is very active as always. She does salivate a lot. She drools a lot just before she throws up. Her current diet is 4 small meals of soup. Which contains Carrots, Potato, Chicken (without bones) & Pedigree Dog food. Each meal is about 1.5- 2 cups of this soup. She drinks a lot of water.
I did worm her a month ago but still the vomiting continued.
Has anyone experienced this sort of problem. Can anyone please help me.
Thanks so much

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My almost 3 year-old mix didn't eat dinner last night (1/2 can) or nibble on his kibble today (free-feed on dry.) Tonight he vomited yellow frothy bile. I gave him 1/4 cup veg. oil. He then ate last night's dinner and is now asleep. From the posts I assume I shouldn't have to take him to the vet unless this continues or he gets more lethargic? (He does sometimes bury his fresh bones to eat later; they could have nasty stuff on them.)

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I googled "yellow dog vomit" and found this site. I've read every post in this thread. I was relieved to see such commonality. The most often recommended remedy for early morning yellow colored vomiting, resulting in too much stomach acid, seems to be not enough food in the stomach. I will increase my dogs food from 2 cups of kibble w/ 2 cups of boiled rice, to a total of 5 cups daily of his normal combination. I am very appreciative of everyones input. It has been very instructive and reassuring, with limitations of course.

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Out 16 month old Shih Tzu throw up yellow bile a couple times a week, usually at night or in the morning. We have 2 dogs and they eat their main meal relatively late (7 to 7:30). The other 8 month old poodle does not throw up bile and he has a great appetite. She does not have a good appetite and only eats once a day with a treat here or there. She frequently has loose stool but rarely gas. She seems tired and not feeling well too much. She has been to the vet but nothing was found in the blood work. Any ideas?

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Wow, a lot of dogs having the same problem. There is a new dog food out that I'm trying. You can get it at Petsmart or Frye's food store (in AZ). It's call PetFresh or DeliFresh. They're both the same. It will be in a cooler at the store. It has to be refrigerated. Every ingredient is natural. If it doesn't list the first ingredient as beef, chicken,or whatever, then it's not good for treats, only give them beef jerky (not the jerky for dogs, for people) It can't hurt to try it.

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Our ten year old Dalmation vomited his dinner early Thursday morning and has continued to vomit bile since. He can't keep water down much less his kibble. We have had him into the vet three times already! A blood test was done and that came up clear, he is dehydrated and they pumped him full of saline to rehydrate him. We keep a very close watch over him so eating anything unusual or bad for him would have been noticed. The vet put him on a diet a month ago so we have not given him table scraps or dogging biscuits, just his kibble, two cups in the morning and a cup and a half at night. He is on Purina weight maintenance. Tomorrow hwe will get an X-ray to see if by chance there is any blockage. Will a twisted intestine show up and would that cause vomiting like this? Have any of you had anything like this before? I am so worried and our vet seems puzzeled. Thanks

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Daisey, our Red Healer apx 11 years old, started to vomit regularly, yellow, and then sometimes with food, roughly once a day.

I did not pay it much mind, as that was something I thought dogs did.

However, she then lost energy, got very listless and decided she really did not want to eat very much, so we were troubled.

We took her to the vet.

Vet examined and had blood sample sent to lab, also checked stool. Lab results came back ok.

Vet prescribed Metronadazole, 250mg, 3 times a day. $200 vet bill.

This helped, but did not eliminate vomiting.

Returned to vet in apx one and one half weeks. Vet did Xrays. Nothing abnormal found. $100 vet bill.

Week later, still vomiting, apx once per day.

Vet prescribed de wormer. $25 Vet bill.

De wormer did not eliminate vomiting.

We decided to:

1. Switch to canned dog food (Petigree)
2. Feed twice a day, one half the usual amount.
3. One half a large dog biscuit now and then.

So far, vomiting eliminated.

Go figure.

Perhaps old dogs should not eat too much food all at once.

Wish me luck.

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Mi 1 year Havanese has been vomiting yellow frothy bile and occasionall the vomit contains chunks of food. He is 12 pounds and the amount of throwup is about a cup. It's random. But the last 3 days in a row. He's not food motivated , he wo t eat his kibble ( 1/3 cup of bil jac chicken and 1/3 cup of eucanuba small breed) likes the bill jack more. When we go outside all he wants to do is eat grass? Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Susan,

My Maltese is roughly the same - not food motivated, won't eat his dry food if he can help it, and occasionally throws up yellow bile. However, we believe he only wants to eat grass if he is not feeling well. If he eats grass, we are almost certain that he would throw up in the next 10 minutes. It is a way to get things out so our vet tells us.

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I have a 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab who is not food motivated. We have tried everything from mixing treats to now mixing the wet version of her kibble in with her kibble. Some days she will eat right away others she will not. She occasionally throws up (maybe 2-3 times a month) but is always game to eat some human food and is drinking fine. I have tried her on several different foods but she has a chicken allergy and fish sensitivity. Any suggestions? We have also noticed a lot of tummy gurgling lately. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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he isnt eating he is or was healthy a day or two ago he cant harly drink water i been trying to keep his face wiped off cleaned up but ive tried chicken broth through a syringe and water in minimal amounts with spray bottle in mouth he has no appaptite he is a ten month old pit he was 70lbs i bet in three days he is 60 or less know

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My dog has been ill for three months and cost us thousands of pounds in vets fees because she was initially throwing up bile followed by passing blood. She lost lots of weight and was at death's door. Even having medication she really didn't improve even when her diet was just rice and boiled chicken. Just by chance I saw a leaflet about Royal Canin Hypo-allergenic dog food and since she's been on that she's really improved. I thought I'd give her a little boiled chicken yesterday and she was immediately poorly again, so we're back to the Royal Canin food again. It's worth a try if your dog has these symptoms. I got it from the vets but when I looked on the Pet Med's site saw they had a variety of gastro specific foods specifically for dogs.

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Yeah, my dog has been doing this too. He's done it before, but he did it once last week and once today outside. I've chocked it up to him being hungry, too, but he's kind of picky so I had to put peanut butter in his kibble to get him to eat it. He just eats adult Science Diet.

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For all of you dog lovers; don't listen to "pet experts, veterinarians, rescue personnel" when they say to only feed your dog once a day. My dog will vomit bile and/or her kibble if I don't feet her twice a day. Now that she is even older (approximately 12 years) I need to feed her smaller amounts 3 times a day. She eats at the same time every day. Kibble only, with a little warm water stirred in. Occasionally I mix in a small amount of rice, cooked sweet potatoes (the microwave bakes them quickly) or plain yogurt.

This has worked for me and apparently many others if you read this thread way back.

Free feeding is not doing your pet any favors. If you dog refuses to eat or drink take it to the vet, especially if it is losing weight. Good luck.

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I want to thank everyone for their help. I had this issue and was totally at a loss. If my dog Angel gets up and drinks water before eating she will do the same thing. I have changed her feedings now and she gets a night time snack which she thinks is wonderful and she's been doing great!

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Hello all,

Since this is the first Google result for the problem my dachshund faced the last week I wanted to go ahead and give some input on my situation.

She started throwing up mostly in the mornings, but also at night, once a day over a period of 5 days (she is 5 years old and never had been sick like this before). 2 times it was bile, 2 times frothy liquid and once partially digested food. She was playing, eating, going to the bathroom normally throughout these 5 days.

While most responses seem to report some form of digestive problem that must simply be dealt with, I went ahead and took her to the vet for some tests just to be safe.

Her on-site blood tests came back positive for pancreatitis and she has been put on a special low fat diet for a month, given some anti-nausea medication as well as a dose of antibiotics to prevent it from spreading and was taken off fluids and food for 24 hours having been injected with fluids subcutaneously.

I guess the main reason for this post is to let people know that if you experience these issues, it may be worthwhile to have some simple blood tests done, if left untreated I am sure this would have only gotten worse.

its only been one day but I am hopeful she will have a full recovery.

I wish all your pets the best if you come across this site searching for answers.

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thank you everybody for sharing all of your knowledge about dogs who have been throwing up bile. i will be trying some of your suggestins as well as going and getting her blood done just in case. as for the people who cant afford the vet bills you should get pet health insurance. the aspca has really good plans at affordable prices, i have both of our dogs on it and all i have to pay is a 100.00 dollar co-pay then the rest is covered.

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We bought our 1 year old male Yorkie/Shih Tzu Mix when he was just 5 weeks old. He vomits 1 to 3 times/wk. Usually over night, but not always. Usually yellow bile, but not always. He is ultra sensative to certain dog foods and treats. If it doesn't agree, he throws it up. We've finally narrowed it down to an expensive food he'll eat, along with 5 mg of Pepcid (per vet recommendation) each night. He's been on the food a couple months now and has been doing well with it. In the last couple weeks, he has urinated in the house 3 times & has vomited his entire dinner twice. Acts normal otherwise. Playful and normal stools. We've had nothing but issues with this loving creature since the day we brought him home. Multiple vet visits. Dropping around $200 each visit. He develops ear infections constantly. The vet has found nothing with his GI tract and continues to prescribe ear drops. Due to cost, we haven't done anything invasive to get to the root of the GI problem. $1500 Xrays were suggested at one point,,,,which we declined. I'm beside myself and ready to say goodbye...if it wasn't for my daughters begging to let him stay. He's so adorable and fun, but incredibly high maintenance. Without dropping several more thousands of dollars, I'm praying someone out there in cyber space can give me some insight on the puking issues. It's gross, troublesome, and I'm finding myself cleaning up after this little guy more than my own children. Before he's sent to "a farm", PLEASE someone give me advice.

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My dog was continuously getting ear infections and scratching himself. We had him at the vet several times. Somebody in the pet store asked me what food I was feeding and that could be the reason. I took him off chicken and put him on lamb and rice and he does much better. We've recently brought a second dog into the picture and he has the staining of the eyes and we were told that if we used Canidae salmon that it would get rid of stains. It was working for him, but within a month my other dog with all the allergies developed a severe ear infection again. Back on the lamb and rice by Canidae and he is doing fine. The dog with the stains, still has stains. I don't know if this has been helpful, but hopefully has. My dog is a Shih Tzu/ terrier mix.

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Just been reading the posts on here. My dog Mollie is a King Charles and the last few days has been acting strangely even for her. Yesterday morning she was scratching at the door to go out, then as she jumped up at me she gave out some massive yelps. Thought she might have caught her claw. I let her out and she looked like she was trying to go to the toilet, she was doing this for about 20minutes. She went a couple of hours before and had no problem. I tried to get her to come in but she came to the door, cowered and went off :(. She was scared to come near any of us. Managed to get her in but she's been acting oddly since. Really sulky and suddenly running and hiding under our chair. Then this morning she brought up yellow foamy bile. This is the first time she does it and her feeding routine has always been the same. A dental stick at lunch time, dinner when we eat about 5-6pm then a treat around 8pm. Going to try the tips on feeding that many have suggested but the toilet behaviour and general behaviour is a bit concerning. Do I need to worry?? Thankyou for any suggestions

Here is a link that might be useful: That home site!

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My dog threw up a yellow-greenish thick liquid sometimes. Figured out it was green grass he ate on occasion, maybe when he thought he was still hungary. Some claim grass sooths the digestive system, but the dog usually coughed it up.

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please take note.

most chews or rawhide are made in china and are making dogs sick, and some are dying.
try to find USA treats.
yes, many food brands seem good but are not what they say they are. a man named Andrew went in depth when his dog died, taking food samples to be tested. he sells info about what he found, and recipes to make food and also treats.
my westie just started to vomit and i will try these things until i get back home to see the vet.

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Here's what I learned after spending $6,000 in vet bills......

My dog started waking me up daily at 5:00am to throw up yellow bile. She sometimes had diarrhea. I had her tested for worms, parasites, ehrlichia, you name it. The vet told me to put her a cottage cheese and rice diet. That didn't work. Her symptoms persisted. The vet then put her on a chicken and rice diet. She got worse over time. I started to notice blood in her stool.
I went back to the vet for blood work, an ultrasound, and more tests. They found nothing.
My other dog started showing symptoms. He started to vomit blood and poop blood. I had him hopitalized, thoroughly tested, and had bioposies taken of the stomach and intestines. They found nothing. They put him on a prescription diet and antibiotics.
He continued to vomit blood and poop blood for 6 months. I considered putting him down to stop his suffering.
I knew at this point, the vets could not help me. Both dogs were very sick.
I went to the store and purchased 6 different dog foods. I kept changing their diets to see if it would help. After much trial and error I discovered that I should feed them only salmon and potatoes. They both recovered 100%.

THEY BOTH HAD DEVELOPED FOOD ALLERGIES. I discovered that my female is allergic to rice, chicken, beef, turkey, venison, lamb, and rabbit. But she can eat salmon, duck and potato. My male is allergic to chicken, duck, beef, turkey, whitefish, venison, lamb, and rabbit. But he can eat salmon, potato, and rice.

The vet told me to feed them chicken and rice. THEY WERE BOTH SEVERELY ALLERGIC TO CHICKEN AND RICE. That's when the blood started pouring out of them.

I now buy LIMITED INGREDIENT Dog kibble by Natural Balance, Potato and Fish Formula. I add a can of salmon (its next to the tuna in the grocery store) to the kibble. The dogs are completely symptom free and happy!

Sadly the vet never did an allergy test to see if the dogs had a food allergy. 3 vets and $6,000 later, I found the solution on my own... despite their incompetence.

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Spesh, thank you so much for sharing.

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Here's a excellent website for this subject.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buzzle

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Sephia: I know it's a post from a long time ago, but it was a great post!! ALL of those dog foods are garbage/poison and people pay a lot for them. Just a scam and in some cases, a deadly scam! And CERTAINLY, I would not trust a corporate parent company either!
I feed my dogs Organix. it's all organic and made in the USA. No poison by-product/China food for MY babies!

    Bookmark   September 10, 2013 at 10:01AM
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We have a three year old Cavapoo who has always been a picky eater. For a while he's done the vomiting yellow bile in the early hours , which I found was caused by hunger and a few dog biscuits solved that . However now after a bout of colitis caused by I'm sure by fatty food , he's become sensitive to all sorts , chicken ( which has always been a problem really ) also lamb , which he's been fine with for a long time , now , duck too which actually sorted his loose bowels out ! He's now burping , from both ends ! and very smelly ! and throwing up regularly in the middle of the night . I feed him Naturo which states all natural ingredients , duck , vegetables , brown rice , plus oils and minerals . Toast definitely helps , haven't tried cottage cheese or yoghurt but wondering if he's either become allergic to virtually all meat as he's fine with white fish , won't eat salmon but then that's an oily fish or has IBS , Pancreatitis , or something worse ? Wondering if the royal Canin would help ? Totally bewildered what to feed him and very worried . I'm now wondering if rawhide chews also worsen things as he does have them . Any advice very gratefully received .

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Sorry about your probs with your puppy. Frustrating and heartbreaking, isn't it? Rawhides are bad news - indigestible. I give my dogs bully sticks. I buy them in bulk from; however, I always get the odor free, and the ones they sent me last time were not odor free. Just a warning. I would suggest you go to Dr. Becker's website and see if you can find any info there that is specific to your situation.

I wish you and your dog well. Let us know what you find out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Karen Becker

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Betsyhac ,
Thanks for the advice , very much appreciated , these problems with our best friends are very upsetting and frustrating as they can't tell you what's up can they . I will certainly try the Dr Beckers site and see what I can find out and will let you know ! Yes I agree these rawhide chews I'm sure are bad news , had my suspicions for a while , so won't be buying again !
Thanks again

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My Yorkie occasionally vomits yellow bile too and it got me all worried and running around trying to find the cause. But sometimes I suspect it could be because I got a bit lazy and delayed in feeding her on time so perhaps that was her gastric juices acting funny and making a protest.

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My westie only 3 months old is on Nutro Lamb and Brown Rice formula and for the past 3 days it has been waking me up very early in the morning vomiting a white, foamy, yellowish bile. Any suggestion?

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I have had to do a lot of research on dog food related illnesses lately because of problems my 3 year old lab had with gas and an upset stomach. From what I learned it sounds like your puppy could have developed a food intolerance to one of the ingredients in the food; probably a preservative or the meat type. If its having problems still, I would feed it boiled chicken and plain white rice for a couple of days in several small portions to give its tummy a rest and then switch its food to something that may be more gentle and offer a change of ingredients.

I have always fed our girl high quality, grain free and locally sourced foods but she still ended up having some severe tummy problems. The vet put her on Royal Canine Gastritus along with medication which didn't fix the problem and caused her to start having problems with incontinence. It was because of her spay they said but after 3 vets and 1,000s in bills we still had a dog who was so miserable and getting sicker, not better. Knowing something wasn't right I spent countless hours researching her condition(s) and finally discovered the root of the problem was that the companies making the no grain foods often use beans in the ingredients as a protein source and the beans were causing severe gas. Additionally, she was eating too fast, needed smaller portions AND as hard as it is to believe, it was actually the ROYAL CANINE for Gastritus (that the vet put her on) that caused her to become incontinent. Yep, I read lots of complaints about lots of dogs who experienced the same problem! I immediately took her off that food and all the medications the vets had erroneously put her on. It took some more research but eventually I found a grain free food without beans called Holistic Select and literally within a week of starting her on the new food, ALL of her health issues diminished. I buy it from for a decent price and shipping included, it's grain free, locally sourced and made in the US. There are two or three grain free recipes, Imget her the Anchovy. Salmon, Sardine Adult/puppy kibble and she loves it. I just feel terrible because after months and months of misery all she needed was a change in food along with smaller portions fed in a bowl designed to make her eat slower, (a flower bowl, also bought on If I only new then what I know now! It's been 2.5 months without one problem and is healthier and happier than she has ever been. Please, before jumping to the conclusion the your dog had some serious condition, check the label of the food you feed her to see what is actually in it and do some research to learn about food intolerance in dogs, its much more common than allergies, and vomiting is the first clue. is a great place to start.

Hey bestsyhac! long time no see, hope all is well!

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Smaller meals more frequently, bile is a build up of stomach acid, my dog had this -

feed your dog before it goes to bed

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