Propane Heater or Heat Pump

bowdsFebruary 8, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I live in northern NJ (Sussex Cty) and have an in-ground pool. Not sure of exact size of it but it's approx. 25k gallons. I have been using a propane gas heater for the past eight years (Heyward 400k) but it died on me at the end of last season. The heater did a great job heating the pool and spill over spa quickly, but it cost me a fortune to do so. We use the pool a lot and like to keep the temperature up around 85 for general swimming. The problem is that up here in northern NJ it gets cool overnight even in the summer. Even in mid summer it's down in the 60's, and even colder at the start and end of the season. So pretty much everyday we have to use the heater to get the heat back up.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the heater. It's just costing me around 1500-2000 a season to use it with propane gas (my only option) at over $3 a gallon .

My question is about heat pumps vs the gas heater. I am seeing that the max on most units is around 140k btu, as compared to the 400k from the heater. However, I have heard that it is significantly cheaper to use a heat pump and just maintain the higher temp.

Will a heat pump be able to generate enough heat to maintain the pool in the mid 80's and then the spa even higher?

Will the heat pump be cheaper to run or since it will be running constantly will it just end up costing the same anyway?

I do notice that the cost of the top of the line heat pump is a good thousand more than the gas heaters.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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The spa is going to require a gas heater. A heat pump for a pool without a spa is a great choice to extend the swimming season but it will not get to the temps a spa requires...

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So a heat pump won't get the spa up to the mid 90's if I just adjust the lines so that most of the water is going into the spa? Like for the most part the spa is used for younger kids to play in and not like an adult "spa" where you might have the temp up over 100. Generally the way I use the heater is to heat up the pool to the low to mid 80s. Then adjust the lines so that most of the water goes into the spa and that heats up hotter and then the spillover gradually keeps the pool warm. I guess I am trying to save money on the propane cause they have me trapped. But if a heat pump won't realistically do what I need it to do I don't want to spend all that money on it.

Thanks for the input!

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Bowds, what did you decide to do? I'm debating the same thing. We have the identical setup you have now, but are moving- building a house and pool- and are thinking of now going to heat pump. I'm worried about the spillover. We use it exactly like you do..... 100 degrees, tops.

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Anyone else have opinions on this?

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