What kind of pump do I need for pumping a leach pit?

oldpaddyOctober 18, 2010

Hi all.

I have a failing leach pit (not field) and I'm going to pump it out. There shouldn't be any raw sewage just grey water and maybe muck and or sand.

What kind of pump should I buy? Thanks.

PS I know this is frowned upon.

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Effluent pump

Frowned upon? its illegal to discharge raw sewage on the surface

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It's only illegal if you get caught! lol

Another question, is there a chemical (like an acid) that'll eat through the blockages? I tried oxy-something (that's now frowned upon in my state) before, it worked for a month then it clogged up again. The pit is about 1200 gallons, set in extremely sandy soil, and is approx 160' from the water table. Thanks.

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