How to create Dog toilet in garden

modern_missDecember 7, 2013

My dog poos in a couple of places in my yard, including spots where I want to grow fruit trees and veggies.

I thought I should start training her to go in one area and maybe put a short fence around it so she and I can recognize the space.

My dog is a retriever. Any suggestions on how big the area should be , how high the fence should be and whether it should contain grass or sand or gravel?

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Is the area now grass? I think once you dig up and prep the area where you plan to plant the trees and veggies then she will find another place to do her business.

But, if you want to train her to another area, then I'd vote for grass. You may not even need a fence. I would mark the area with flags, then remove them once she starts using it regularly. Be sure to use some of her feces to mark the new area.

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I'm bagging dog poo and moving it to less obtrusive places. Is there a more eco way to handle it? I do like the idea of having my 5 mo old puppy use one area..... then I don't have to "sweep" the entire yard!

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