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CaddyshackfanFebruary 21, 2011

Hello all,

Great site I've been lurking for months now.

We are about to start a new build in Katy Tx, In the design our decking will encroach into our utility easement somewhat. I know that if they ever need to repair utilities that I will be responsible for costs relating to this. I have no problem with that, it's a risk I will take. How do I get permission to place decking in there from the utilities? or do I need to? any help would be great. Thanks all

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I know you can request a waiver from Centerpoint for the portion of the easement that you're encroaching upon.

If you don't want to go through that process then you can just have your deck built knowing that Centerpoint has the right to tear it up where it encraoches if they need to.

I live in the Houston city limits where the rules are a bit more stringent and they did not measure where my decking ended in relation to the utility easement. They do, however, pay close attention to the distance the water's edge is from the power lines. It must at least be 25' from the power line to the water. Double check and be sure you're not encroaching on the 5' aerial easement as opposed to the 10' regualr utility easement.

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the clearance to the water should be 22.5 feet, not 25 as I previously posted...

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Thank you. I looked into the Centerpoint process and it's a bit pricey. $500 to apply $500 if you get approved and heaven forbid if they have to come out for anything $$$. I may just not encroach.

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Yep. It cost me $2k to move a power line higher on the pole and $1k to relocate my gas meter. I assume your encroachment is slight to where you can just avoid the easement. I actually had a survey company come survey and mark the easements so there would be no questions....

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