question about caulking under sink strainer??

calypsochickOctober 20, 2010

Our plumber put some tan caulking under the sink strainer after our new sink was installed. When I came home, there was a ring of tan caulk that was visible around the rim. He said I could wipe off the excess, so I did. We didn't use the sink for at least over a week because of construction in our kitchen, and the water was turned off. Now, several weeks later, I'm using the sink. And there is still a small amount of that tan caulk that is coming up around the edge of the strainer. What is going on here?


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That's plumber's putty. It is normal for it ooze a bit as it seats, the last stages of which may sometimes take a week or two. It's soft. Just wipe it up and don't worry about it. It will stabilize and stop doing that.

If you're worried about a proper installation, you may want to go underneath and tweek the seating-screws a notch (not very much, though) to be sure. If a licensed plumber did it, I suspect it's fine and what you're observing is normal. This is very common plumber-stuff and I would be surprised to learn it wasn't done correctly.

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Okay thanks...I just keep wiping it up with a paper towel, hoping it will go away soon!

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