Inline filter clog

seasignsFebruary 11, 2012

I have a Hayward Phantom pool cleaner. It seems to work fine but the inline filter in the hose that connects to the pool sidewall gets clogged up with a light brown "funk" that has to be cleaned every other day or the suction will crush the small blue filter. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix

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A couple things come to mind.

What filter do you have? When was it last cleaned?

The light brown funk you mentioned could be a nascent algae/bio-baddy bloom.

What are your current chem levels as measured with a proper test kit, not with strips.


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I have a catridge filter that is cleaned yearly by my pool service company. The pool is closed for winter, but this is what was happening last yr and want to prevent/fix it before this coming season. So, I can't tell you what the chem levels were. If anything I have had an issue keeping the PH down.

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Its your pool. I understand you have a service but how do you know if they are doing it right if you don't check on them? If you don't have a proper test kit, you are only hurting yourself. It isn't hard to do. I urge my customers to get one, even if I am caring for the pool. I am there once a week. You are there 7 days a week.

Without the levels, I can't help you.


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I agree with Scott, you need your own GOOD test kit.
They are easy to use, and only take a few minutes.
Ever since my first pool Iv'e owned my own drop test kit,and test the levels every other day in the summer,longer during winter. Never had a pool service,chemical levels are all in spec., clean cart.filters at min. twice per year, water is crystal clear. Very easy to do, takes very little time, but then I'm very anal in everything I do. :-)

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Man, tough crowd. I have my catridge filters cleaned by the pool co, they do not do weekly testing, etc. I do monitor the levels bi-weekly in summer and add what is needed. I have a salt water gunite pool btw. The one issue I had chemical wise was keeping the Ph down and I am not sure why. Anyway, the issue again is "funk" that clogs up the inline filter of the hose for the Hayward Phantom. Is the consensus here that this was likely due to a chemical imbalance? The pool was very clear with proper chlorine levels (already noted the Ph issue). Doesn't make sense to me ... but that is why I am asking for help. Not sure it would be beneficial for me to check the test kit now if the pool cleaner won't be back in the pool til May.

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More than likely it is a problem with the filter letting material pass through and into the screen of your cleaner. A inspection of your filter should be done before the season starts to prevent this from happening in the coming season. Did you notice a increase in pressure on the filter gauge during the time this screen was clogging? The alk should be balanced in order to stabilize you Ph and then Ph ajustments should be done.

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Thx Muddy ... Are you talking about the cartridge filter letting this material through? The pool is new, opened August 2010. The filter cartridges were cleaned before summer 2011 and I did not have any major increase in pressure as I do check that regularly in season. I will specifically ask the co that opens the pool to inspect the filter. So, I take it that having the relatively new cartridges cleaned "professionally" is not enough to rule out a filter issue? Much appreciated!

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Generally, cartridges need to be soaked in TSP or cheap powdered dishwasher detergent in addition to hosing off any debris. Oils and lotions such as skin oil, tanning lotions, and bug spray get in the paper of the cartridge and needs to be freed. It also provides an excellent opportunity to inspect each element for any tears. This is what I suspect muddy_water meant is a likely cause.

"Professionally" means different things. In this case, it may simply mean someone else is paid to do it, not necessarily someone that is aware and knows to look for this or other conditions that may cause this issue.

Your test kit is an unknown to us. Your use of it may or may not give you the information you need. While your pool may appear sparkly, the symptoms seem to say otherwise.

Typically, the first year after a pool has been plastered, the pH rise is steeper and shorter time periods are needed to lowering it. The use of a cell will typically also add to the shortening of this period. Eventually, just the cell will cause a pH rise due to it's nature.

The use of 3" tablets causes the pH to drop but adds to the stabilizer level on a continuous basis and almost never drops and in fact, normally rises.

The use of a proper test kit that gives you the information you need has more to do with the educational monster some homeowners have. By reducing that gap, I have found most water based problems go away. Those that don't usually have some physical issue to be nailed down and fixed.

Here is where muddy_water may be right, one or more of your cartridges may have a tear allowing water to pass unfiltered. Its also possible that a chemical imbalance is causing this to happen. We don't know for certain. We need your feedback.

If there are no visible holes or cuts in the elements and the filter was put together correctly, the chances of an imbalance in the chemistry go up. Since we don't know the kit you use, we don't know. Home tests with a good kit are preferred as the results are normally more accurate than pool store results. If I see a dip strip based test being used, I walk out shaking my head because of what I know.


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Scotts right about the soaking also I would make sure they completely drain the filter tank and spray out the inside. Alot of times during cleanup of a new pool the filter will get filled with all types of junk and prevent the cartridges from seating properly. Scott go easy on Pool Stores lol I own one and I have other pool service companys call the store or bring water for suggestions on how to cleanup their customers pools....

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