Apple Cider Vinegar

ryseryse_2004December 18, 2013

Thought I would share this with you. I am always apprehensive about so-called cures but last year the cats all had ear mites. I would clean the ones that would stand for it, but it has always been a problem with outdoor cats. Since we let them all in every now and then for 'lap time', I don't like the idea of parasites. (They all are wormed twice a year.)

So --- I started putting a tablespoon of ACV in the cats and dogs water daily. It took a couple of months but the mites disappeared and all ears are pink and clean. The mites never came back and I haven't had to clean the dogs ears since then either.

I think the concentration of 1 TBS. per gallon of water isn't enough to discourage fleas and ticks though and the cats won't drink the water if I increase the amount. (The creek is close enough that they will just avoid the vinegar water.)

For those of you who have multiple barn cats, try this!

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So you use it at just 1TBS per gallon? Do you use Bragg's?

OT: When my dog was suffering from allergies, my gosh, I tried everything and nothing would help clear up her rashes and stuff. It's nice to know that there is something holistic that actually DOES work. All those high dollar holistic dog foods only made matters WORSE for my dog. I know all dogs are different but I just became completely disgusted(and very angry too!) with the whole dog food advisor and all the so called experts and bought some dog chow since she could eat it without issues and here she is now perfectly healthy and no signs of allergies...go figure!

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We buy Eden Organic by the case and use it for ourselves also. I probably use a 'over-flowing' tablespoon to a gallon of water. Maybe now that the cats are used to it, I could increase it a little.

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What other good uses do you have for the ACV?

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For ourselves, I use it for anything calling for vinegar. My husband puts a Tbls. of it in his fruit drink every day. I do lots of pickling (green beans, baby carrots, dried tomatoes in olive oil and ACV, sweet peppers) so we get plenty of ACV in our regular diet.

The only real difference I see in health though is with the ear mites in the cats and dogs. Oh also, when we raised chickens I put it in their water also. They didn't have problems with parasites.

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