Sundance Hartford vs. Jacuzzi J345 vs. Hydropool 7000

MarkwagzFebruary 21, 2011

Buying our first spa and need some unbiased feedback. Have narrowed down our list of Spas to consider to the following:

* Sundance Hartford w/ optional circ. pump. & ozone

* Jacuzzi J-280 w/ optional circ. pump. & ozone

* Jacuzzi J-345

* Hydropool 7000

The Jacuzzi dealer said the Jacuzzi 300 series would be better compared to the Sundance 800 series and that the J345 would have far superior jets, abs solid bed pan, dual filters, energy plus package, superior lighting and hydrotherapy. Jacuzzi dealer also said the J-280 would be a little more comparable to the Hartford, however the J-280 is larger, deeper, more jets than the Hartford. When I asked about year-round use and insulation, Jacuzzi dealer also said the Sundance Hartford had a simple sprayed foam insulation (not at all 100%) and both the J280 and the Hartford would average $30 a month to run (12 month MI weather) - less in the spring, summer and fall but a little more in the winter. Further I was told the J345 has a much more engineered insulation package and would average around $18 a month.

Quotes received included delivery, start-up chemicals, covers & lifter. All-in, the J-280 is coming in at $6,495 and the J-345 at $6,595 (plus tax). Still awaiting quotes for the Hydropool and Sundance, but would really appreciate any input on the quality, reliability and insulation/energy-efficiency for year-round operation in a snow state.


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I haven't kept up with spa market in the last few years, but I always thought it was important to have the entire cabinet foam filled. This keeps down the heat loss in the plumbing. I would suggest installing the ozone option. It works very well in spas. If the product has an electric heating element, just make sure it is 220v.
For the sake of full disclosure, I was a Hot Springs dealer from '82-'09.

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As a tech, Jacuzzi has a habit of doing things slightly different, just enough to where the usual parts like motors, wet ends, etc... require parts from them. Not that it's hard to get but this can cause delays for repairs.


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Rack Etear

I'm not a fan of Jacuzzi as well because of their proprietary parts. They have very little benefit to the client. The complicate the procurement and pricing of the parts.

Since 70% of all body of water heat loss is off the surface I don't know how all the extra foam will split the heating bill in half.

$18.00 a month sounds far fetched for a reasonable sized spa with regular use, unless you pay $.05 per kwh.

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