Can pebbletec be exposed

newport2001February 17, 2011

We have a pebbletec pool that just sprung a leak somewhere. We were going to let the water drop first to see where it stops. I was told when the pebble was installed that it has to be submerged. Is this true? If so, maybe we'll just return all the water to the spa to see if it's the return lines since the spa is not dropping and then go from there.

We are pretty technical and it will cost us $150+/hr for someone to do the same. I'd rather put the money toward repairing what is wrong.

Also there is tons of air in the return lines. From my experience that means air is getting in somewhere near the motor and piping over there. I could be wrong but I think there are 2 issues. We are losing about 3/4 to 1 1/4" per day so I would think with that much water loss I would see it over by the motor and piping if it was related to the air. This water loss is without the pump running also overnight.

If there are 2 issues, we can take care of the air. My husband is very technical and done this before better than the pool people, lol. I just hope this leak isn't something big. We just renovated the pool 10 months ago.

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Air in the returns could be entering anywhere on the suction side of the pump. This includes underground piping and the skimmer. Pull the float assembly(if there is one) and basket out of the skimmer, check the weir gate to make sure it is moving freely. Run the pump and see if the air continues. If there is a valve at the equipment splitting the skimmer and main drain, then try closing off the skimmer and main drain separately to see if the condition changes.
Shutting off the equipment and allowing the pool water level to drop is the next thing to do. The water will stop at the level of the leak. If it's a leak in a pipe at the bottom of the skimmer the water level will drop to that level as an example. If it's the suction line going to the bottom of the pool(main drain line) the water will drop below all fixtures/pipes that enter the pool.
Do the same with the spa suction/returns.
Common areas that leak that are non plumbing are: skimmer throat where peb-tec meets plastic skimmer, around light niche, light niche conduit, around any plastic pipe entering pool including return lines and suction lines under grates, And anywhere underwater where peb-tec meets other materials such as rock, etc.
Good luck.

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Answer to your main question:
Having the pebble exposed for a while should not hurt anything.
I have seen pebble pools empty for years, and the pebble has been fine.

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