Any thoughts on this company :)

piaaFebruary 11, 2012

As you know total novice here - thinking of a pool on the island of St John and my friend is using this company for her pool - any thoughts?

Thanks so much


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Pretty useless for residential pools.

Some value for water parks.

There is no chlorine free system that works. NONE. Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling snake oil.

There are two types of UV for pools. Low pressure which makes bio-baddies unable to reproduce and medium pressure with has been show show can reduce combined chlorine. Unfortunately, this may produce some harmful byproducts, especially in indoor facilities.

The EPA allows three sanitizers. Biguinide based products like Baquacil,, bromine, and chlorine. Of these, chlorine is the most cost effective method. Bromine is normally used in spas, and biguinides are very expensive to use.

Anything else is either an augmentation or snake oil.


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Thanks Scott - you are the best :)


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