Polaris 360 trouble

rocks911February 8, 2012

I have a Polaris 360 that is 3 years old, this summer would be it's 4th year to sweep the pool, unfortunately it's DOA. It lays on its side at the bottom and doesnt move.

The wheels kinda try to move, they rotate very slowly but not enough to move the unit when its in the water. I have replaced the drive belts because they broke last year. At another forum it was suggested that it was on its sdie because the float probably had water in it, so I replaced the float but that hasn't seemed to help as it still lays on its side.

Pressure is not an issue as it gets plenty.

I'm guessing its a gearbox problem?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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I adjusted the Jandy valve wide open that diverts to the Polaris and it currently reads about 25-28 psi and I pulled the Polaris out and the wheels are turning but not as fast as they should and with darn little power. When I put it back in the pool the unit has just enough power to drive it into a wall where it stays until the backup valve dislodges it from the wall and then the cycle starts again, the unit drives to the wall and stays there until the backup valve dislodges it. Just not a lot of power. It seems like its a pressure/power thing but why would this suddenly become a problem after doing just fine for 3 years?

I'll have to do a wheel rotation count when I warm up, because it is coooooold outside.

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An axle likely wore out. Or the belts are loosened and need replacing.


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Check the backup valve and see if is working If that is not it take the top off of it and look for a hose blown off inside. Also alot of times the float on the back of the cleaner will have a hole in it.So unscrew it from the cleaner and shake it if it has water in it replace it...

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Muddy's suggestions are good too. You won't know till you open it. I am sure the fix is a LOT less money than a new sweep.


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Thanks for the suggestions. The thing is still dead in the water. I opened up the Polaris and checked everything, and nothing is broken/off/gummed up. I mean the thing looks perfect inside. I turn one of the wheels and all of the turn. There's no gunk in the gearing. The belts are tight. Everything looks great. But it still just lays at the bottom of the pool with the wheels barely turning, and I mean barely.

What is up with this thing?

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Got it! A little piece of debris in the nozzle that drives the gears.

Thanks for the help

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