Where can I buy a Never-MT?

planningnutMarch 27, 2008


Can anyone let me know where I can buy the Never-MT? Ideally, a place that ships to Canada...



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I haven't ordered yet but I have this bookmarked.

Not sure whether or not they ship to Canada though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Never-MT

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Just checked again and at the bottom of the FAQ page it says they do ship outside the US, you may need to contact them by phone. Yippee!


Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ page

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the Never-MT is inexpensive enough that the shipping is about the same price.

Don't let that deter you!!!!

In fact, take them up on their "buy 3, get 1 free" offer, and give the extras away as Mother's Day presents (along w/ a humongous bottle of whatever dish soap they normally use)--you'll give those moms the freedom from one little, annoying chore for a whole year. That's a pretty great present!

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Have you thought of DIY neverMT? Ppl on this site have done this and I'm considering it too. I noticed that the tube from the garbage disposal button is long and fits the soap dispenser too. What else is needed? Silicone the hose to the cap (with a hole in the top) of the LARGE dish/hand soap jug?
Isn't that about it? Not sure, but worth a try for $3 or so : )

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I t hink DIY'ing the NeverMT is a waste of time.

You have to figure out what size of tubing to use.

And you have to drill a hole, and use silicone, and always buy the same exact size of detergent bottle. etc.

W/the NeverMT, you get:
-perfectly sized tubing
-a check valve
-a series of caps--four or five of them, in sizes perfect for every size of soap bottle, even little ones
-perfectly drilled holes, sized so that the tube fits VERY snugly, which minimizes risk of spilling (also means the extra caps store right on the tube)
-a set of Velcro straps you can screw to the back wall of your cabinet to keep the bottle from tipping over.

You order it, it works. My time is too valuable to spend DIYing something so fiddly.

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Did anyone else have trouble with their NeverMT?

Even though we had the tubing as snug as we could get it, every pump dripped a drop of detergent down the back of the cabinet and onto the pipes.

Are we not smart enough to DIY a silicone tube?

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This product looks awesome! I'd never even heard of this before - but it's just what I need.

I am an avid DYI'er (maybe a little too avid) - and this would be do-able - but it's sooo reasonable

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I live in Canada and really wanted a Never-MT for our kitchen reno last summer. I e-mailed the Custom Inserts people and asked if they would ship to Canada and said I was willing to pay for any extra costs they incurred but they nicely but flat-out said they didn't ship anywhere outside of the US. Luckily a nice GWer mailed me an extra one she had. I love how it works, it was so easy to install and have never had any trouble with it. Good luck in your quest for one! If you know someone in the US, maybe they would order one for you and mail it to you.

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I never even knew this existed. Boy, the cool things you can find out on GW! I want one but am a little concerned about pecanpie's dripping problem, no one else has had this problem?

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"Are we not smart enough to DIY a silicone tube?"

I don't think Pecanpie bought a NeverMT, I think she DIY'd it.

Correct me if I read that wrong, Pecanpie.


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There is another solution at HD where they sell individual soap dispensers. There is a line of dispensers that includes both the screw on plastic bottle AND a tube with a tapered stopper that fits various sizes of container openings. The price is dependent on the model of pump and the finish and runs from $23 to $30. If you are looking for a new pump and want to use a large container under your sink, this is a viable option.

On the other hand, I just made my own tube set-up. If you notice, the picture of the Never MT inserts shows two holes in each - one for the tube and a tiny one for air. I drilled the hole in the cap of a 3 qt container 1/64 th inch smaller than the outside diameter of the soft, flexible tubing so the fit is quite snug. Then I drilled an air hole. Hope this helps others. The only thing left to do is to determine if the soap we use (Amway LOC) needs to have a check valve installed. Will know by tomorrow. Hope this helps.

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I'm very interested in this Never MT idea (from HD or online, whichever is faster) We are having granite templated next week. I am assuming that I need to have them make an extra hole in the granite near the faucet? Is there a standard size or do I buy a soap dispenser pump thing and tell them to install it?

Do the granite fabricators charge much to have a hole made for this type of thing?

What is the best pump thing to buy? I don't want to bother with it if it drips soap under there, but it sounds like some people like them a lot, so I better decide soon!

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