One happy dog owner

glaserberlDecember 2, 2011

One of the guys (older, kind of crusty) who works for us came in last Friday and said he was going to have a bad weekend because he was going to have to put his old dog down. I asked him why and he said she couldn't walk straight for the last few days. I immediately thought vestibular disease and showed him a video. He was amazed because his dog was doing the same thing. He agreed he should get her checked out. Monday morning comes and - drum roll - the dog is fine. Not vestibular disease but a bad ear infections and ears full of gunk. They cleaned the ears, gave him antibiotics and $35 later was on his way.

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yeah, glad the old guy's dog got some help and isn't too sick! Some people don't clean their dogs ears regularly. Big floppy eared dogs are notorious for yeasty, easily infected ears.

I bet he is glad you showed him the video. I know his dog is ;)

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