My First Pool Build (North Georgia)

harleysiloFebruary 28, 2012

We contemplated a pool four years ago, but our dream pool then was blowing are budget by 40%. We got the itch again this year and it's either build a pool or buy a nice ski/wake-board boat, we're going with pool.

Here is the final diagram of the pool, we think we want a sports pool and that's what were building.

The PB normally does liner pools (which this will be) with steel sides, but when requested by the HO does them out of concrete. In our instance, with the 18' long steps and a pit for an automatic cover he said he wants to do concrete. It's my understanding that the concrete sides/steps will be sprayed, vs. formed and poured, but i'm not positive on that. I am certain that the bottom will be formed out of Portland cement/sand mixture. Foam will be installed on all steps and sides, but not the floor.

Coping and decking will all be brushed concrete which is a 4000 PSI "pool mix" that i understand has less aggregate in it.

I demo'ed 80% of our existing rotten deck, and removed the relevant fence panels as you'll see in the pictures below. I've got a sketch I drew up that will show you the proposed location of the pool, and an idea as to how to do the decking.

The decking location and design will be decided upon when it's time to pour, i can add as much decking as i want at the agreed upon $ per sq. ft. Since we signed the contract we changed what we want to do regarding our current deck. We are now eliminating the deck and going back with a much smaller one, 18' long that extends 6' off of the back of the house, with 18' long steps descending onto a future patio space that is also the same elevation as the pool deck.

The diagram shows curved lines for pool deck and patio but i'm thinking i want to continue with the shape of the pool and small deck and turn everything into rectangles.

The new fence will go where the old one was, but will be 8' tall. I took out the old fence so that the PB would not have to deal with it (build to it) and so any wall or berm or dry ditch can be located outside of the fence.

View from corner of current small deck (after demo)

looking back at house from corner of back yard

View of backyard/sideyard future pool location from front yard

If the weather holds out they are coming tomorrow to set the elevation of the pool and possibly start diggings, we...

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Why is the pool so far from the house?

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Well that location is the high spot of the 1acre lot. Gets the most sun. If we moved it closer to the house , sliding it south, we would have to deal with a 28 year old trash pit. Also the neighboring houses front windows would then be visible from the pool. At current location we can see their deck but the side of their house facing our backyard has no windows. They also have a giant sweatgum tree that would be dropping seed pods into pool area..... We also have a fairly large backyard and aren't necessarily wanting to crowd it all in but are seeking feed back.

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The only thing that I would worry about is Wrinkles in the liner on the steps doing them in concrete and not in steel. I think I would ask to see one of there pools with liner over concrete on the steps... The pools we build with the full width steps are always steel so the spec liner will fit correctly as will the step rods. Also we build several pools with autocovers with steel sides and steps...with no problems..

hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: See fig 4 step rods

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Thanks for the heads up Muddy Waters. I will ask them if our liner company use the attachment method to the steps you described (maybe they all do i don't know). If so i will ask them how they intend to fasten the liner at the steps. Maybe the insert the clips in the concrete? Maybe they take extra time to make the steps perfect (with respect to dimensions). Maybe it just works for them, or maybe they have wrinkles. They've been in business for a long time, did our neighbors Liner pool 12 years ago, i don't think they would expect me to be okay with wrinkles in the liner at any location, but who knows?

The PB tried to explain it to me like this. He can do steel, but with the long step he feels like you never get it properly backfilled even if you're pouring concrete around/behind the steel steps. I didn't feel like questioning him because we were discussing this over the phone, when we talk about all the details face to face I will ask.

How would you all guess he plans to do the liner over the steps?

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If they do them with concrete and the liner fits then make sure that you get the measurements of that liner for you future replacement dim. Just in case.....Good luck with your build!!!!

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I'd be inclined to ask the PB what the difference in price would be if you were to go with a gunite pool instead of FG.

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We're going with vinyl liner. We got a quote from a different builder for fiberglass. It was almost as much as gunite, without the exact design we wanted. Our pool builder also quoted us a gunite for about 12 grand more. Our current design calls for him to build the walls and steps as he would a gunite, but the floor will be Portland/sand mix. The backhoe is in the yard, dig starts tomorrow.

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Oh boy! After half a day of digging we discover a septic field line that is active and located no where near where it should be. Gonna have to move the pool location or kill a field line an add another somewhere else. Apparently the drawing on record from the 80's is inaccurate. Dept of health was out prior to digging to locate a replacement field for the future. But they don't locate your current field lines, that's on me. With no hydrostatic pressure Valve in the pool does it really matter if you pool walls are 10' off the field line trenches, that is the question.... Gonna talk to the pool builder in the morning and see what he thinks we should do. Apparently the dept of health and their drawings are worthless....gonna have to good ole boy it.

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Time for an update....

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Track for auto cover is in

and the lid for the auto cover pit

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Forms for concrete are up
Concrete tomorrow

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Debbi Branka

Very cool to watch!

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Didn't think anyone was, this site is so slow lately.

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I love how your decking came out. Looks great.
I am in MD and just finished my build today!
The water guy is here now filling the pool with water.
I cannot believe we are finally done.
Your build really seems to be moving along.
Best Wishes with your build and a long and happy life with your new pool.

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