Turkeys gender?

SamsinhorseDecember 12, 2011

I Purchased two turkeys and they are about 9 months old. The one showed all the signs of being a male. He strutted and changed facial color and the other didn't do any of those things. One morning my dogs killed my male so the girl has been alone for about a month, now she is showing signs of being a male. I'm lost.... is that normal?

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You might be better off asking this in the Farm Life forum, see below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farm Lfe forum

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Males have beards and spurs.

Try to keep this one safe form the dogs.

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I have kept 3 turkeys for 9 months believing that 2 were Jakes. Now 2 are laying eggs. The third i believed was a jake has also laid an egg. See uploaded. I just bought an authentic jake.

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Can someone tell me what breed of turkeys these arr as seen above.

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The picture above looks just like the wild turkeys that flock in my backyard. They come through every morning and evening.
Here's a link to breeds of turkeys and none look like those :http://www.livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/conservation-priority-list#Turkeys

I was babysitting my son's dog and she had never seen a wild turkey. I tried to stop her from rushing the flock but couldn't. The turkey she caught up with turned and sliced her, leaving a 6 inch cut on the shoulder from the spur on it's leg. That's one dog that hides from turkeys now.

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