Plumbing stollen - while fixing what should I do?

tivolimanOctober 23, 2011

I purchased a cabin, and this summer, a thief broken into the basement, and stole the copper tubing from the ceiling of the basement.

So, while I'm having the copper tubing replaced - are there things I should consider adding?

The water line into the house is 3/4 inch pipe, but all pipes in the house are 1/2 inch. Should I add some 3/4 copper tubing to the basement, to help take a shower and flush the toilet downstairs.

Should I add a special joint to the pipes feeding the hot water tank - so the tank could be removed. The cabin will be locked up in the winter.

Are there other 'features' I should add to the pipes to reduce shock, to ease draining.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

In short - I have plumbing fixtures to replace in the basement of a 25 year old house.

The hot water tank is electric.

Thanks for the help

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I would replace with pex or FlowGard Gold CPVC. At this time, thieves have little interest in stealing those.

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If you don't have a drain line, it might be good to add one. That is, a faucet to which you could connect a hose and drain the system, not a floor drain.

If you don't have them, you could think about ball valves for your main cutoff and any others like HW and outside faucets. You could wait on the HW until you need to replace the WH.

Is this a well?

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I'd just like to second bus driver's comment.
Once a thief knows that a place is easy to hit, they just wait a little while until whatever they stole is replaced and hit it again.
It would be a shame to replace all of the copper and have it stolen again.

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