11 yr old cat pooping and peeing on bed 1-2x a day

ChicagoanDecember 29, 2013

I adopted an 8 yr old male tabby 4 years ago. He was fine for the most part. I did have to keep the bathroom door closed because he would use the sink as a litter box to poop in, this was due to the foster home he was in, she kept him in the bathroom away from the 14 other cats in the house. Always used the litter box after that. I had a 19 yr old female cat when I brought him home. He was then the only animal in the house. Very loving, friendly, and loves to play with little kids and be around people. Listens like a dog when I call him or tell him to do something. A year and a half ago I moved. There is one other individual in the house, treats him like her own. But after 6 months, he started to pee on my bed. I have gotten a plastic mattress pad to place over the comforter. He does on there atleast two times a day. He does use the litter box atleast once a day too. I have changed litter brands, food brands, tried anti-anxiety drops in his water, sprays, air pheromones (which the plug-in caught on fire) Put up extra litter boxes, moved them. Taken him to the Vet for blood work and urine work. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm at my witts end. I travel for work for up to 2-3 days at a time, not every week. This started before the traveling. I have even taken him with me on a week long trip, he did nothing in the hotel. The smell gets into the air and circulates through the vents.
I spray and wash everything with Nature's Miracle.
I do not know what to do anymore.
I'm in desperate need of some suggestions.

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Do you have the same bed you used in the previous house? When he first peed on the bed, did it soak thru to the mattress?
I'm wondering if the scent is still on/in the bed and he's drawn back to it.

Is it possible to close a door to the bedroom and keep him out?

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Cats sense of smell is 14x stronger than humans. Likely some residual smell kitty is attracted to.

What worked for me was - changed to canned food, adding 2 oz of water to food, to increase water in diet, which dilutes urine, and decreases development of cystitis (bladder irritation), and banned kitty from that room for 6 months.

Moving the litter boxes and changing litter can be causing stress, which changes pH of urine, which contributes to cystitis.

Also suggest seeing a feline only vet for more expert advice. If you are in Chicago (as I am) there are several. As my feline vet (Gloria Esbensen in Arlington Hts) says, "Cats are not little dogs."

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yes it is the same bed, he did not soak thru to the mattress. I am about to buy a new pad, again. I just switched him tonight to the wet food, he's not happy....but oh well. I got home from traveling tonight, and within 1 hr, he pooped on the bed. I do go to a cat only vet, but am willing to go anywhere if they can help. Thank you

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So, if I understand correctly, he's been doing this for a year now? My guess is something is really stressing him within the new home. Are there any other pets inside or outside the home? Are there any strays hanging around outside your bedroom?
He's had a lot of changes thrown at him and I suggest you find a food he likes to eat (not what you think is good for him) and a litter that he'll use. With the litter, start with a clumping clay litter that is unscented (Petco bulk is a good one). If he's never eaten canned then you may have to transition him from dry to canned, but if he was doing well on a particular dry food, and prefers it, then give him that.
It just sounds like you have an unhappy, stressed cat and the pooping on the bed is just a symptom. I think the first thing you have to do is put up some type of barrier and keep him out of the room so that he can't continue the behavior. It's just like the routine he had of going in the bathroom sink......preventing access is crucial in breaking the pattern of what is becoming a habit.
Carefully observe everything in your home to try to determine what could be upsetting your cat. It seems something changed during the 6 months after your move since he apparently had no problems before the move.

Check below for info re: transition from dry to canned food.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat info

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Inappropriate urination & defecation is not easy to resolve, but I believe it can be.

I would not let kitty near the bed; restrict from room by keeping door closed or using child gates.

Glad to hear you use a feline vet. I volunteered for years with animal shelter/rescue group and worked with many vets in Chicago area.

Highly recommend Dr Lori Coughlin (link attached), she is awesome. Loves to teach and is great with challenging cases.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: great cat vet

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Great article attached on inappropriate urination & defecation.

Here is a link that might be useful: great article

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I just wanted to say thank you for searching for answers to this problem rather than taking the easy route and dropping him off at the shelter. He looks like a lovely guy and what a great personality!!
Good luck with this, I wish you and him all the best.

When I got two new cats who had bonded with one another, we tried to minimize stress on the older cat who is 16. They all want to sleep on my bed but the older one who tolerates them, was not happy with the sharing. So they took turns. On the night it was my older cats turn, I brought in her kitty litter box in case she needed to use it. It got returned to the usual spot when we opened the door in the morning.

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Thank you all for the follow up. I am taking him in for an Xray on Tuesday to make sure that he does not have stones. He's been REALLY clingy this past week, and talkative. I tried the can food, he wants nothing to do with it. Should be an interesting road....

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There are cat repellent sprays available at Amazon and pet stores. Not sure if they work at all.

You can do a search--I've read citrus odors repel cats. You could get some citrus oil and spray or dribble on the waterproof pad. I've also read lavender, rosemary, garlic. You might just try any strong scent to deter kitty. Hope this would not make her move to the bed itself! Good luck. I know it's a terrible problem.

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OMG - he's the exact twin of my Orangie who is also about the same age (you didn't get him in Elkhorn, WI did you?)

Were you able to give the Feliway plug in a fair trial of about a month before it went up in flames? If not Id suggest trying it again - buy from a local shop and save receipt, ask about return policy so you can easily return it if it burns up again. Occasionally they are flawed - seems to be a not uncommon problem judging by the amazon reviews. BTW sometimes they do have a smell when you first plug it in but it should not be strong and should go away within a day or 2.

The plug in covers a larger area than the spray does and is continuous. Doesn't work for every cat but if it does - it really will make a difference. My 2 guys have never peed or pooped outside the litter box but I do get the unmistakeable odor of tomcat spray every now and then (they were neutered at a late age). when its around or in my bed its particularly disgusting. They basically get along but there some minor tensions between them at times. The Feliway really helps.

Keeping fingers, toes, crossed that this - or something - will work!!!

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