Optimal new kitchen layout = moving main drain line??

blueglassbluesOctober 25, 2012

I could use some good honest advice. We are renovating a kitchen in a home we are purchasing. The best layout for this fairly long/narrow space (11'10" x 17'10") makes full use of the longest run of wall space along an exterior wall. The refrigerator, main cleanup sink and cooktop will be on this wall, and then there will be a long, narrow island parallel to this wall. The island will be about 30" x 90" - so the island is not going to be very deep and I'd prefer not to "clutter" it with any fixtures or appliances.

The problem is that the kitchen is only as long as it is because the previous owners opened up the exterior firewall to the garage and built into that space -- and the main drain line, an HVAC duct (which is not the right spot anyway for that particular duct), and probably a vent line runs through a "bump out" at about the 11th foot, about where the cooktop ends/overlaps. The bump out is 13"D x 26"W - not insignificant.

Long story short - I really, really want to remove the bump out, i.e., relocate the drain line and air duct. Is this something that can be done within reason? Has anyone done this? I am thinking just of relocating it maybe into the exterior wall itself, even if there is just a smaller bump out in the end that I can hide with a tall cabinet. There is one hall bath upstairs that probably drains into this line. The basement is unfinished below the kitchen space, and there is full access to the main drain line from below.


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With a basement moving the drain line is no big deal, but it depends upon which code your under and where the current vent is located...

In a worst case scenario we may have to get a little creative in establishing a vent, but rest assured your project is doable.

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Hi pup!!! haha, thanks for the advice 4 years ago on my bathroom remodel, your input helped!! I just finished my other bathroom remodel, now I have no work left to do!!!

Sorry for hi-jacking, OP.

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