SUPER low well water pressure(but pump stays on) Please help!

jhasheyOctober 9, 2013


We just recently bought a house with a well and started having issues. The submersible pump is ALWAYS running but the water pressure only gets to 18.

I did follow the instructions on the sticky and replace the pressure switch as well as the gauge. The problem still exists. We have the pressure tank and the water filter left to tinker with, but I wanted to ask advice before I start switching things out.

What are some possible causes for constant pump running and very low pressure?

Thank you!!!!

PS. Since we just moved in, I'll answer these as best as possible.

It is around a 25-30 gallon pressure tank

Pressure Switch:
On 30, off 50

Water filer info:
Type of filter whirlpool
Bypass is there, but doesn't seem to work
Water Used For?
House Use YES Number of baths 2 Number of People 3

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The well water level could be low
The pump impeller could be fouled or eroded
There could be a leak in the hose between the pump and tank.

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Could also be a leak in the piping from the well to the house or in/under the house.

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How do you know its always running??? just curious
we cant hear ours.... which I dislike, sort of,
cause the old 110- 230 volt one, in the small pump house .I knew it was working. only aggravating ,cause the old owners(deceased) only had a small 6 gallon pressure tank...

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Usually in the cases I have seen the pump impeller is worn and you will need to replace the pump. It could also be a leak between the pump discharge and the house.

Did it work properly when you first bought the house and moved in?

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