Kittie with eye infection

carmen_grower_2007December 13, 2009

One of my grown cats had this a month ago and it took about two weeks to run its course. Now my kittie has it -- she is under a year old. Should I use "Clear Eyes" in the mornings when her eye seems almost stuck shut or should I just let it also run its course with her. I should say though that she doesn't act sick at all.

We found her a few months ago (starving) and she has always had problems with coughing and sneezing so I worry more about her than the other grown cats.

Please don't suggest a Vet -- not an option. Just want to know if "Clear Eyes" is safe for her.

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Coughing & sneezing & an eye infection sound like an infection;

I know horse owners get penicillan at the feed store & administer it subcutaneously (under the skin, not into a vein) or orally.

Last time one of my cats had to have anti-biotics it seems like it was 1 cc a day.

I wouldn't use clear eyes:
if I remember right, things like Clear Eyes & Visine have an ingredient that shrinks blood vessels, which increases the blood pressure in the eye.

I wish you the best.

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Some vets, if they know you, trust you to bring them if an antibiotic doesn't help, will rx you some without a visit. A tube of antibiotic eye ointment that way costs little more than a bottle of OTC human eyedrops.

Chronic or acute feline eye infections can cause blindness.

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No, not Clear Eyes.

Without a vet, it doesn't matter what you do, though. Too bad, because the animal sounds sick and can't possibly be comfortable. And you should worry about the other cats, because what this one has may be contagious.

Your vet will get what you need, both information and systemic and or ophthalmic medication.

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Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it. I certainly won't use 'Clear Eyes' etc. Already today her eye isn't oozing as much and I think she can throw it off with her immune system. I am holding and petting her lots and I think that has to help somewhat.

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Since vet is not an option, I would try supplements for the time being. L-lysine helps with viral infections, and you can get it at CVS or Walmart...crush a pill and sprinkle it on wet food
And surprisingly, chicken bullion. I buy chicken thighs or bone-in chicken breasts (1.69 -.69 cents a lb) and make a bullion. I debone the meat and give the kitties the soup nice and warm

That and condensed goat's milk....
None of these things will hurt your kitty, but will definitely help boost the immune system...

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I'll second the recommendation for L-lysine supplementation. A 500 mg tablet crushed and mixed into canned food once daily will help boost her immune system and should help clear up her eye infection if it's herpes-related. A warm, damp washcloth applied to the eyelid will soothe and help remove the crustiness, as well.

Herpesvirus (extremely common in cats) can cause both upper respiratory and eye infections, but being a virus, it won't respond to antibiotics. Antibiotics are often given, though, to thwart secondary bacterial infections. In any event, your cat may or may not have herpes. It could be something else entirely.

For those inclined to use injectible penicillin on sick cats, my vet has told me the dose is .5 ml per 10 lbs body weight. If your cat happens to be allergic to penicillins, though, you could put your pet in serious danger by using this drug without veterinary supervision.


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Thanks for your help. I never got the Lysine but gave her warm chicken broth each day. The problem has spread to her other eye, but the first eye is no longer oozing and the second eye looks better every day.

I can usually count on the natural immune system with animals and humans! (I have always felt that since antibiotics don't kill just one thing, my animals would have to be very sick to try one.)

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Might sound strange, but you can also try teabags for the eyes. In my homecountry, Russia, it is a common home therapy - use warm black tea teabags

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