Would/Could you add to existing kitchen cabinets

cjzimmerMarch 3, 2011

I've been reading this forum for a few months while I researched a new stove and range hood. It's given me ideas and dreams (most of which we can never afford0 but it got me wondering if there would be a way to add to the storage in my kitchen.

This is probably not our forever home so I don't want to make it look weird if we want to try to sell it but want to try to make it a bit more useable in the meantime.

I do a lot of canning and am looking for places to store jars of food as well as lesser used appliances that I don't mind taking out and putting away (like a toaster, stand mixer, ice cream maker etc).

So my idea was to add a small row of cabinets to the tops of my existing ones but I have cathedral ceilings so my max height is very different from one side of the kitchen to another.

This is the outer wall and the depth at the back is 12 3/4 inches so I could put 12" cabinets there but the front of the cabinet is 16" high. Do I need to fill in the space or leave it open with the slope?


Or I could not put cabinets on that wall and put taller cabinets on this wall and just not run it all the way to the end.


This is a continuation of the wall in the last picture


These cabinets are 13 years old. I don't know yet if I can get the exact same ones or not. (I have to see if I can find out where the builder got them and if it is something that is still available or not) I saw that Home Depot has some that look similiar but I'm afraid that an almost match would not look good and maybe I should go with something completely different. I open to suggestions on anything but white (because I don't like white cabinets). My kitchen has slate blue/navy blue and gray tones.

P.S. I hope I did the pictures right because I've never done them before and they didn't show up in preview mode. Apologies in advance if I messed them up.

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Rachiele, LLC

Be very careful about trying to match older cabinetry. Finishes fade and woods darken with time. You might consider doing something that is completely different, something fun. I like the idea of adding storage. I was not able to see your photos, but I can imagine putting a painted shelf above your cabinetry to break up the color, then possibly even another color for the upper cabinetry

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I'll try the pictures again

Outer wall:


Side Wall:

Good point about the wood darkening. I hadn't considered that since I was stuck on trying to match style/stain.

So what might be a good style/color to add on top of these?

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I wonder if you could do something like Sombreuiel Mongrel (Casey) did, only make it into storage, not just trim. See the kitchen in the thread linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Casey's kitchen...about 5th post from the top

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