Replacement Water Heater $ and brands

adams828October 26, 2011

Hello all,

Looking to replace a 13 y/o 50 gallon tank, and have been quoted ~$1650 for replacement (including labor, disposal, etc.) for a 50 gallon tank with 10/yr warranty. Does this seem accurate for the Metro DC area?

Also, one place proposed AO Smith (the other did not say what brand) - however a quick internet search showed many pilot problems with this brand. Should I be wary?



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There are only a few manufacturers of the gas control valves, so many units are built from the same piece parts.

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So it should not matter the brand? I am just concerned about hearing so many problems about AO Smith... is this just a "consumers only post bad experiences online" effect??

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I haven't paid someone else to do that job in 20 years, but $1650 sounds high to me if it is just a plain simple tank. Seems like a 2-4 hour job including commute unless there is something difficult. Is this a direct vent unit, or just a simple tank?

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HI attofarad - I think it is direct vent (goes up the flue?). Also as I understand per plumbing code I would need an expansion tank (the current system was installed over 10 years ago)..

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