mosquito spray/repellent for dogs??

craftycDecember 5, 2010

We are planning a driving trip to Alaska (not right summer!) and have heard that the mosquitos can be bad up there in the summer time. Is there a safe mosquito repellent for dogs? Will check with the vet the next time we are there, but was wondering if anyone on this forum has any suggestions. Can't leave the furkid in a kennel that would break ALL of our hearts!

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Thank gawd you are deciding to take the dog. No mosquito repellent is not a good idea, your dog can lick it off. Make certain you have your dog on heartguard and are religious about using it.
The other consideration you need to be aware of is that dogs (even the smallest) go totally and primally berserk when they get a whiff of Yogi and Booboo. Make certain you have control over your dog at all times.
You will probably need to bring papers about the shots your dog is current on when crossing state lines. Check with the Alaska State Tourism website for more 411 on what you need to cross into the state with your furbuddy

Oh and never leave food in your vehicle in bear country. Good luck, and have a great trip

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thanks Mazer...was afraid there really wasn't a safe spray for dogs. We will be traveling in a motorhome and yes, my 12 pound min pin thinks he's a pitbull and probably thinks he could take on a bear so definately will have to be under control at all times.(have a crate for him in the motorhome and he will be tethered ...) Know that taking him is going to cause some adjustments to our traveling, but could not bear to leave him in a kennel for two months. Yes...Canadian border crossing...he has to have a certificate of good health (shot records etc.) good 90 days prior to entering Canada. We can bring the dog, but not dog food! Guess he will be on a boiled chicken diet for day or so until we hit a grocery store up there! He loves chicken that won't be a hardship!

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Avon Skin So Soft works fine as does half water/half Listerine in a spray.

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thanks, Carmen grower...knew there should be something safe we could try putting on him....he doesn't have much hair and they'll get to him I'm sure.

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