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dewalt17February 24, 2013

Considering building a gunite pool in South Louisiana. Had a pool builder out to show him our site. We discussed many things. I'll try to describe the pool as best I can. If I missed anything please reply. I want to make sure I have all the angles covered before I cut them loose to start.

-15x30 rectangle 3.5 to 6.5' depth with steps on each end
-Salt water pool
-6x12 Baha deck on one side with 2 bubblers and two umbrella holes
-3 deck jets on opposite side of pool
-Slate coping
-Diamond bright finish(color of our choosing)
-Sitting bench "L" shaped in deep end
-Variable speed pump(no manufacturer discussed) 3hp
-Filter not discussed(need recommendations)
-Pipe sizes not discussed(need recommendations for drain, suction and returns)
-Light not discussed
-No cleaner discussed buy I prefer Polaris. w or w/o booster?
-rebar size 1/2" on which spacing? 8, 10 or 12" spacing?

We also discussed something to seal the gunite after it has dried. It was a powder mixed with what looked like water. A few shakes and it hardened in a glass. What is this and is it needed??
Is one pump sufficient for returns, bubblers and deck jets?

If there is anything I might have missed? If so please advise. I want to make sure everything is covered and listed before we cut them loose.


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I'm sure he will spec out the equipment when he comes back with the bid. I Perfer Pentair. They have been the leader in the variable speed technology and have always made great equipment.
I would go with a 520 Clean and Clear cartridge filter. It's easy to maintain and gives you a good rate of flow and filtering area. D.E. filters are better as far as clarity goes but back washing D.E. into your yard if your unable to hook it into your sewer system is messy.
Rebar size and spacing will be determined by the structural engineer whose engineering will be based on the soils report. It's not up to you or the builder what engineering to use.
Plumbing sizes will be determined by flow rates on the pump that you set. I always try to get the flow rate to 4.5 feet per second on the suction side and 6.5 feet per second on the return. That insures that your below the minimum code requirements and you are also running the pump at max efficiency.
Hope this helps.

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Engineering specs should cover your rebar schedule. Here is an example of some in CA:

There are probably different types of slate, but make sure you don't get one that flakes and rusts (ours does; installed by prior owner and we hate it).

We also hated our salt system, but that may have had to do with our natural water chemistry. We were adding acid and chlorine every week. It was way more maintenance for us than a simple chlorine pool.

6.5' - a little shallow for jumping, too deep for playing.

Bigger filter, bigger pipes - less water resistance and more energy efficient

Have fun...we are in the process of building our second pool, as we miss our first one.

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Thanks for the replys. On the filter I don't know anything about cartridge or DE filters. I do have a private septic system and do not wish to back wash into the septic. With my AG pool(sand filter) I would just backwash to the yard. I can add a line to backwash to the downstream side of my septic and go straight to the ditch. I have to run some sewage lines for the future pool house anyway.

PB has furnished me with a conceptual drawing of the pool using Pool Studio. I would guess they will provide a full set of drawing from an engineer when the contract is signed? If they do not then what? Do they all do soil testing? I currently have a concrete slab where the new pool will be going. They cannot get to the exact spot the pool will be located as of yet. But can get just off the sides of the slab for testing if thats adequate.

Will have to discuss the pool depth with the wife. I think I perfer 3.5 to 6.0 to 3.5


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PB came back today and brought a quote sheet. Here is what is had on it. Tell me what you think

Pool Shell
15x30 shotcrete pool shell
2 main drains, 2 skimmers and 4 returns
4000 PSI shotcrete: 8" thick sides and bottom, 12" bond beam
2 1/2" sch 40 pipe
Aquaron CPSC Hydrogel pool shell protector
Diamond Brite plaster(Tahoe Blue)
Natural or brick coping
6x12 Tanning ledge with 2 bubblers and 1 umbrella stand
2 steps/swimouts. One on each end
1 500w 12 volt LED Intellibrite light

Pump/Automation/Salt Generator/ Cleaner

3hp variable speed Pentair Whisperflow pump
3 laminar deck jets
Pentair Cartridge Filter
Pentair auto leveler
Polaris 280 cleaner w/booster
Pentair transformer and salt cell
Electric service to pool pad provided by homeowner

Price $42,750

He said something about using GALVANIZED REBAR. Is this available? Is this needed? Or maybe something needed because of salt pools??

What is the recommended Tanning ledge water depth? Can a spa light be added to the water on the tanning ledge?

Is there a wired control panel available instead of wireless?

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Here is a picture of what we are wanting to build.

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Are there mountains in Baton Rouge like that? :). I wanted to follow up on your post before this one.
Galvanized rebar in theory would wourk. The problem with it is when you bend it the material that is sprayed on the rebar cracks and flakes. Then your rust proof rebar is no more.
There is always stainless steel rebar (Very expensive) or a rebar that is encapsulated in an epoxy, that is also expensive and then you have the added cost of bonding the entire rebar grid of your pool also very expensive.
If your builder is worried about water impregnating through your concrete then you can use a higher strength shotcrete 4,500 p.s.i or better, an impregnating water proofer, and admix water proofer that you mix in your shotcrete altough that can be pricey but not as expensive as the other types of rebar.
If you take a layered approach to the waterproofing of your shotcrete it will work just as well.
Hope that helps.

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Pool94 No there are no mountains in BR Louisiana area. Maybe he should have put a picture of a swamp in the back ground. lol

I've come to the realization the the galvanized rebar is not needed. Of all the ones I have seen built I have never seen it used. We had some concrete work done at work on some equipment foundations. He said if the rebar schedule is correct for they type soil I have, and the gunite is sprayed to the correct thicknesses then I should not have any issues with regular steel rebar. A good plaster coat also adds more protection.

As for plumbing sizes. Am I reading it correct to say larger(2-2 1/2") on suction side and (1- 1 1/2") on discarge side to get 4.5 feet per second on the suction side and 6.5 feet per second on the return


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I would also add at least an impregnating water proofer to your shotcrete. All concrete including plaster can be permeated by water. If shotcrete is done correctly than you would not need any added layer of water proofing but there is probably only a few shotcrete people in this country that are good enough to shoot shotcrete like that.
You plumbing sizes are based on how many GPM's you want to run through each pipe and what all your potential uses and maxiumum gpms you think you may use.
Hydraulics are calculated on pipe length, fittings and pool equipment. You would have to send me all that information for me to figure out. Your builder should have a handle on this.

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Just so happen to be reading the online news paper this evening and came across a ad saying contractor arrested for misappropriation of funds. 54 counts. Guess who that was? You got it, the PB I was going to get to build my pool. Boy am I glad I came across that article!!!!!

With that said I guess I will either look for another PB or consider a owner build.


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Hello. Did you find a pool builder? I think we found a small pool builder who works in the New Orleans area. He gave us a soft I need to figure out the shape so he can us a final quote.

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