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palletmasterOctober 4, 2012

I have a Culligan Gold series. After changing out water pressure tank, the softener stopped working. Had error msg. Cleared that but still no soft water. Lots of rust. Cleaned everything but unit is not taking up brine. I found an o-ring that is chewed up but I am concerned that I may break something trying to get it out. Can someone help me with instructions on how to dissemble ? It is the second o-ring in on the piston. Also, is there any other possible cause for no suction on the tube going to the brine tank. I have cleaned as much as possible without dissembling. Water returns to brine tank without problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,,, Palletmaster

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Look on page 15 of your manual. You will see a blow-up of the parts on the valve.

You want to remove and clean the eductor cap. Pull and clean the eductor nozzle, being careful not to lose any orings. Then put it back together.

Clean our your brine tank and get rid of the salt and gunk in it, reinstall with fresh salt and add five gallons of water. Let it sit for 48 hours to obtain a strong brine solution.

While you are waiting for salt to dissolve, bypass your softener and run water until your water runs clear. If you are still getting a lot of iron particles, they will plug up your softener and its nozzles again. If iron particles continue to be a problem, you will need to install a sediment filter upstream of your softener.

If running the water for a while clears the iron particles, place the softner back in service and force a regen to ensure you have brine flow.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have no blow up in my owners manual. I have cleaned the screen etc. The port at the back of the unit has two visable o-rings, one is chewed up. Looking for instructions to take it apart. All plastic and I don't want to break things. Not sure what or where the eductor is. I have cleaned the port where the brine tube connects to the control unit. It pumps water to the brine tank but does not have suction.

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Okay, here's a link - in this one it's on page 7

Here is a link that might be useful: manual

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Thanks fer yer help.

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