11"x22" tub size prep sink

GreenHighlighterMarch 19, 2013

Hi all,

Due to all the funky requests in my kitchen, my prep sink is now being squeezed. If I max out the space available, I can fit a sink TUB size of 11"x22". Given how limited the space is, I'd really like to find a sink that size. Anyone know of any that size? Or can help me find one?


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Hi GreenHighlighter,
Overstock.com has a model that might meet your needs. See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sink @ O.co

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Thanks, tmy! That will fit! It's overall dimensions are 11x22, so the bowl is 9x20, but it's the closest yet. All the sinks seem to be a bit larger than 11" for the bowl size, so at least now I have one option that is close, bu I'd love to find something that is 11x22 bowl size...

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What is your budget? You could have a sink custom made to your exact specifications. But it will be more expensive.

I needed a sink in a size that was not available pre-manufactured. So I had Handcrafted Metal make one for me. We did it all over email and the phone. They even put the drain where I want it (offset, not centered).

Here is a link that might be useful: Handcrafted Metal Custom Sinks

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A much pricier option at FaucetDirect.com (see link below)

Basin Length: 20"
Basin Width: 10"
Basin Depth: 8"
Length: 22"
Width: 12"
Height: 8"

Here is a link that might be useful: Winehaus sink at faucetdirect.com

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