Granite and Tile Samples

sail_awayMarch 28, 2013

Tomorrow the fabricators come to template for our granite countertops. We've narrowed down our choice of backsplashes, but will make the final choice after the granite is installed.

What did all of you do with your granite and tile samples when you were finished with them? For now, I am only going to dispose of the granite we didn't choose and the tile we absolutely ruled out and don't like. Even though we think we've narrowed it down to two choices, I know our opinion could change once the granite is installed.

Anyway, what to do with the unneeded samples? One bunch of them I am taking back to the tile showroom, per their request. Otherwise, I have no practical use for them but I hate to throw them in the landfill. I have no desire to make trivets or anything else with them, so they are probably useless and need to be disposed of, but I'm wondering if there's some other choice that I'm not seeing?

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I returned all my samples whether they wanted them back or not. Actually I didn't return the one that the fabricator dug out of garbage bin, it went in our garbage but it was a jagged odd piece.

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I returned many of them but the mail order versions are still in my basement - maybe I will use them ideas for our bathroom remodel - otherwise, I will give to my friends who are looking - I have one who already wants to see my "collection".

Otherwise - check a school to see if you they can use them for art projects.

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I'm not at that stage yet, but I know my local art school will take them since they have taken from acquaintances..

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Thanks for the art school/department recommendation. I'll follow up on that.

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I returned all of them too even if they didn't want them I would leave them at their door or somewhere. I just couldn't throw them away. They must know what to do with them. One time I took them back to the slabs I got them from and just placed them by them so someone else could take it home instead of chipping another sample. They won't always knock a corner off for you anymore so my feeling is it's good if people bring them back.

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SaraKat, I agree. Unfortunately, I also have a number of samples that I ordered online. I am returning most of the local ones. For the samples that were sent to me, I'll need to check into the art classes.

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I use the small marble and granite samples as risers for objects on my mantel that need to be a different height for composition purposes. I use individual tiles as coasters; I placed four felt pads on the bottom of each tile to protect furniture surfaces.

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Return them. If they don't want them back, you could denote them to your local interior design school. They always have uses for the samples.

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If they can be returned ... do it.

If they can't, many crafters use tiles and stone for mosaics. Put them on Craigslist.

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