Hand held shower mounted on top of tub??

sunroomguyOctober 6, 2010

I am installing a jetted tub and would like to install a faucet that has a hand held shower (in place of a std shower head). Are they all a std length or are some longer? I would like to mount it in the top of the tub (like a kitchen faucet sprayer) but also have a wall bracket for the times a shower is desired. Can this be done? would i need to find the trim fitting like on a kitchen sink sprayer? Thank you. mike

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The hoses all seem to be about the same length.
Keep in mind that the connection for the hose must remain accessible, as the hose will probably wear out at some time and need to be replaced.
You might consider having the hose attach point about 3' above the tub rim and put hand shower mounts at both rim level and at shower head height. This should give you maximum flexibility.

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