Pool cleaner doesn't go to pool ends anymore

ab0wwFebruary 7, 2013

I have a Pentair Legend Platinum pressure-side cleaner. It doesn't get to the ends of the pool farthest from the wall fitting; instead it moves around in the middle of the pool. I've done the following without making a difference:

- Made sure the bag was empty and had the "front" label in the front of the cleaner.
- Changed the sweep hose, which had a hole in it.
- Cleaned the pool filter system.
- Opened the booster pump and verified no debris in the impeller.
- Verified no debris in the wall fitting filter.
- Checked wheel RPM at 30 and no debris in the inner gear teeth.
- Verified the back-up valve cycles every 3 or 4 minutes.
- Left the feed hose in the sun to make sure it had no "memory". Checked that it doesn't leak and the swivels turn freely.
- Rotated the tires. Plenty of tread on the fronts.
- Took off the ballast float and shook it, verifying no water in it.
- Made sure the floats on the feed hose are evenly spaced and in the correct places according to the diagram in the manual.
- Made sure the thrust jets are pointed as in the manual: right one straight out, left one a little to the right.

This cleaner used to work fine. Any ideas?


Pete Jacobson
Livermore CA

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How old is the unit's feed hose?
What is the water temperature?


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Rotate the wheels.....If that don't fix it take off the lower and upper cover and look for hoses that have came off...

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Thanks poolguynj. The feed hose is at least 4 years old (my move-in date) and probably 6 (construction date). Water temp is 40 to 50 F. What do you think?

Thanks muddy_water. Rotated the wheels, it didn't help. I will take the cover off and look around.

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I think you already know my answer. That age and cold water are making the hose too stiff. I'd shut it down for the Winter and either manually vacuum it, have a service do it, or say the heck with it.


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Water is a little cold.....Check the inside of the cleaner for hoses and make sure none of the float hoses are holding water as well. Also make sure none of your returns are pointed upward pushing the cleaner hose making it stay in one area.. If none of these,,, give it up for the winter...

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Thank you muddy_water and poolguynj. I guess I'll brush the ends by hand until things warm up.

In California, an extra kilowatt hour costs 44 cents, so the booster pump costs me around $350 a year to run (we have electric bills with "brackets", like the income tax). I'm wondering whether to buy a Legend II and shut off the booster, next time something breaks.

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Is it on automation if not put it on a timer with your pool pump as well. Being a Service Center for Pentair I work on about 100+ of those cleaners a season..Changing to any none booster pump cleaner will be a big step down for you unless you go with a Robodic cleaner...


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