Fixed Female Cat Urinating on the Bed

petrinhillDecember 16, 2011

My Siamese/Ragdoll mix cat is about a year and a half old, female, and fixed. She shares the house with a ten year old beagle (who largely ignores her), my husband, and me. I've had her for nine months. She's very vocal, and has never hesitated to let us know when she is displeased with something.

We recently moved apartments (two weeks ago). In our last place, i started noticing her urinating on laundry left on the ground. A few times she went on a blanket left on the couch, too, but never anywhere else. When we moved into the new place, though, she started urinating on the bed, and nowhere else. It's gotten so bad that last night my husband and i had to sleep wrapped in our bathrobes because she's soiled every last piece of covers we have... including the brand new feather comforter we just got for Christmas yesterday.

I can't think of anything she would be unhappy with at our new home. If anything, it seems like a better environment, with opening windows that she loves to look out of. I've been reading that this behavior is probably her trying to communicate with us, but i have no idea what she is saying. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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just because you can't think of anything wrong with the new house does not mean your cat can't. Cats hate change and this sort of change is a huge stressor on them. Urinating inappropriately is a very common outlet for feline anxiety, so my guess is that is what is going on. I might say this scenario is so common to almost call it normal. Put out extra boxes and be sure they are in easy to find, easy to escape from places. That might help your kitty feel more comfortable using them. Once she does, then you can gradually move them to more secluded corners so they are not such an eyesore and more out of the way.

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Could it be possible that she has a bladder infection?

When my tortie was younger, any change regarding the litter box was a problem- it took us a while to figure this out because she's so social that we didn't realize that she also has a lot of anxiety too. On a couple occasions, changes near the litter box sent her into inappropriate urinating and bladder infections. She would avoid box and then end up with a bit of an infection. One time, DH leaned a small wooden shelf against the wall near the litter box- that alone was enough to make her avoid it and end up with an infection- which she then showed us by peeing on laundry directly in front of us.

If you don't think she has an infection, then I would do what lzrddr suggested and see if other boxes placed in other locations solve the problem. If she keeps doing it, I'd have the vet check her just to be certain.

Sorry to hear about your new down comforter too, and the rest of your bed clothes. How frustrating that must be for you. Hope you get your cat back to herself soon.

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Since she was doing this before you moved, I would first have her checked out by a vet. If it's an infection, urinary crystals, etc, and you don't start treating it, her behavior will not improve.

As mentioned above, closely observe her environment to see if there's anything she's unhappy with.....such as where her litterbox is compared to where the dog eats & sleeps.

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Forgot to mention, I'd keep the door to the bedroom closed. : )

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Thanks for your suggestions, folks! Unfortunately, keeping the bedroom door closed and maintaining multiple litter boxes around the house are not viable options. Our bedroom door's latch is broken, and the beagle, well, he has a taste for crunchy kitty treats. Yuck.

Even though she is female and fixed, could the urinating be a territorial thing? There are some outdoor cats with whom she has occasional staring matches from her second floor window perch. The last two times she peed inappropriately were in a cardboard box (her favorite kind of toy) and on the bed (while we slept).

The dog food and their shared water dish is located about a foot away from her box. I'll try moving it to the other end of the kitchen, although she has never expressed any aversion to the beagle before.

I'm also heading to PetCo today to try some products they recommend. I'd rather go this route first; hopefully it's just behavioral. Vet visits are quite expensive for us right now, so that's a bit of a later resort.

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The vet visit should NEVER wait. Most vets will let you work a payment plan,or you can apply for Care Credit. When you took the cat into your home you became responsible for her care.

With inappropriate peeing the vet visit needs to be the first thing done. Only AFTER cystitis, crystals, stones or other illness are ruled out should you pursue other methods.

If your cat is ill, then she could well be dead by the time you get around to a vet visit. If she's not ill, then you have carte blanche to work out a de-stressing and training plan. Doesn't matter if there are things to like about her new home-you changed it, therefore she is stressed. Your vet can help you to devise an approach to the problem.

Vet first. THEN come back to this thread and work with the suggestions given.

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