diagnosis-bubblingand slow drain

allie814October 20, 2012

My upstairs bathroom is acting up. If you shower, the toilet bubbles,. If you run one sink, the other sink is fine. The toilet flushes only if no water has been used in a while. Everything downstairs is fine. Bath, washing machine, kitchen. We had roto rooter. $500 and everything was fine. Septic is pumped every other year. Pumped two weeks ago and no problems. Plumber($125) came and everything acted fine. We could not replicate problem. Prblem started again next day. Should I have someone look at my vent? It is a 250 year old house with very high roof.

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Vents or drains.

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You probably have a birds nest(s)/some blockage in one or more vents. Time to climb!!

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