UV Sanitation for new pool

DianeLynn99February 21, 2014

We are ironing out the details of a new pool (yay!)

The pool will be vinyl, rectangular, and 20 x 40. My PB indicated they are starting to see lots of corrosion complaints from people who install salt filtration systems. He is recommending a traditional chlorine system with the addition of a UV SANITATION light. Extra cost is $1050 as compared to the extra cost of salt system at $1950.

Anyone have experience with UV sanitation? Thoughts?

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I am about to do a pool remodel and looked long and hard at upgrading sanitation (it is chlorine right now). After doing a lot of talking/looking/reading I have decided not to go salt water. I ran the pool on chlorine last year (just bought the house) and didn't have a single problem with it. I have also had too many friends with salt systems causing corrosion. Once I decided on chlorine I talked to some people about UV. I have decided against it, too. It seems that the only real benefits are a possible drop in the amount of chlorine used (but I have no complaints about the amount that chlorine is costing me), and the ability to fight cryptosporidium. But in order to address the crypto every single bit of it must pass through the UV light. I believe I figured with my pool it would take about 5 days of the pool running non stop for every bit of the water to pass through a particular point. It just seems like something that is destined to cost me more money. In the end it didn't seem to reduce the chlorine needs very much, either.

In fairness I have not had a UV system, but that is what I gleaned from my research.

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I love UV light as a primary sanitation method and have said so on the forum often.

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Dianelynn99... do not let anyone talk you into NOT taking a salt system becasue of corrosion. This assumption that a salt pool corrodes things more quickly is absolutely false !!!
At the level a salt system operates, between 2800 and 3500 ppm you will not see or have issues with corrosion... corrosion by salt does not start to materialize until about 4300 ppm. You should never be at that level ! Most corrosion is actually caused by too much Chlorine in the water, anything above 5 ppm over a prolonged time will promote and accelerate corrosion. There is a certain Website, which we are not allowed to metion here, is promoting to keep Chlorine levels higher than the recommended 1-3ppm if you have higher CYA levels. You should NEVER do that unless you shock the Pool ! Also if you live on the coast corrosion will be an issue with corrosion because of salt in the air not in your Pool.
Go with a Salt system, stick with manufactures recommendations and you won't have any issues at all.
The only thing you may notice with a Salt pool is some white deposits especially on natural stone which is simply salt that came out of solution.

Good Luck and enjoy ur Pool !

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