Aluminum or paver coping in New Jersey

SpeckledhenFebruary 29, 2012

We are in the final stages of planing for our pool, and I have a question. Does anyone have an idea of what an aluminum coping for this size pool would cost? The pool is a 16x32 vinyl and we are being quoted $3500 for the paver coping. That seems really high considering the pool itself is in the low 20k range. I'm thinking about going for the aluminum coping, and saving the money to put towards the deck. Opinions?

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We had our pool installed 3 years ago in PA and I have the aluminum coping with paver walkway and patio area. I am satisfied and to thought the cost for paver coping was expensive. The only drawback with the aluminum is we have a solid winter safety cover and in a few places the tension ties have worn the paint from the aluminum. I just touch it up with rustoleum spray paint in the spring and all is well.

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Can I ask what the difference in price was? That's what I'm trying to figure out. My PB is really pushing the paver coping, but at about 18% of the cost of the pool, I can't really justify the expense. I'm keeping my cards close to my chest with my PB so I want to get some real world numbers before I have to negotiate with him. Thanks!

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I belive the cost difference was around $4000 above the cost of the pavers. Our pool company did not do the pavers, we hired a separate landscape company to install a significant retaining wall, deck pavers, stamped concrete patio, and outdoor lighting. Our pool is 16x34 in size, steel wall, vinyl liner with walk in steps and seat/bench.

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