water main break creates 'cave' under parking lot

naalOctober 20, 2010

Hi all - the main water line broke at the connector at my townhouse. It was discovered rather quickly and the water turned off within 2 hours. When the plumbers dug the hole to fix it, they discovered that there is a HUGE cave underneath the parking space right beside the water break. It's hard to tell just how large, but the entire shovel dissappeared into it. Just guessing, it looks like it's at least 5-6 deep, maybe even as wide and about a foot of depth.

Obviously the potential for a huge sinkhole is there and this needs to be fixed. What are the options for fixing this? The county and the home owners association (I don't own the parking space, they do) say I'm liable.

Thoughts? Ideas? How much does something like this cost to repair? Keep in mind, that I live outside of DC where everything is more expensive!!

Thank you


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You either dig up the area and fill, or try and fill the hole from the top.

Your homeowners insurance should cover the bill.

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