Patio color vs cool deck color

Tracik3February 15, 2013

Hi, they start our pool build Feb 25th. The cool deck will start right at our patio. Dh doesn't want it to be too different colors. He wants to get the patio done with the same cool decking. What has everyone else done? Do you have pictures if it matches or even if doesn't match? Thanks!

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Yes, I am in the process of getting my decking done around the pool and covered patio and I am wondering the same thing? Also, I would love to know what color of spray deck you have been happy with. Thanks.

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It is quite easy to do your existing patio (if it is concrete) in the same finish. Most of my customers do this. I would just caution you on the type of spray deck surface you are using. I would not recommend any product that does not allow the new concrete to cure at least 10 -14 days. Then it will last longer with an base coat of epoxy before spray deck application. Make sure there is a polyurethane sealant on the finish. You can power spray it and not damage it.

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We recently had a pool and cabana built. We chose spray deck as our pool deck and also for our cabana and existing patio. We went with a dark color on our patio and cabana and a lighter color for our pool deck. We think it turned out great and are very happy with our selection.

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Found another close up picture that was taken after the spray deck was completed. Hope this helps!

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the replys!

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