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carmen_grower_2007December 4, 2009

A poster talked about the dangers of turkey bones and she is right. Another said raw bones don't splinter, cooked ones do. WRONG! We live in deer country and our dog is always bringing home bones. Even the very large bones of deer will splinter in her strong jaws. (She is a lab)

She gets bones regularly that we buy from the butcher. They are either knuckle bones or large thigh bones. I don't cook them and they last her forever. Once the marrow is gone, I often fill them with peanut butter.

Also, deer antlers are indestructible as long as they are aged for at least two year. (She absolutely loves those and looks very funny throwing them around!)

As far as the cats go, they eat any bones of small animals they catch and don't seem to have any problems.

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Any bone can splinter and cause problems, as can fruit pits. Deer hooves are best since they are cartilage and not bone for those who are worried. And while it is true most bones splinter easier when cooked than raw, it is always best to stick whith those bigger bones. Good info.

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Bones ain't bones, are they! The density of weight bearing bones of larger animals can mean they are prone to cause premature tooth wear. Marrow bones can split back molars on a determined dog. In our sub-tropical climate, a bone left out in the sun becomes essentially the same as cooked, swallowed bits less digestible.

There are raw body parts suitable for different ages and sizes of dog to give tooth cleaning, gum massage etc. Cartilage and skin come into this, and cartilage also a source of joint friendly nutrient.

I freeze fresh chicken frames by the case for our 25kg dog and keep a look out for other suitable parts for variety. Knowing one's own dog's chewing style is helpful and quietly supervising dogs new to meaty bones a given. Ours takes it easy, looks up often to share the joy with a favourite kind.

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