Kitten with lumps on her stomach

newhomeseekerDecember 7, 2009

My 5 month old Tortie (out of a litter of 5) has two lumps on her side. One of the left toward her hip and the other on her right side further up near her stomach. I noticed them on friday when I was petting her. She was just at the vet about two weeks ago for an exam and her vacinations and the vet didn't say anything then. I am worried as a few months ago my parents' 12 year old dog died of cancer (he had a tumor on his side). So automatically I think the worst. She is eating and playing and nothing seems to be bothering her. The lumps feel like fatty tissue, when you touch or squeeze them lightly she seems annoyed (twitches her tail sometimes) but doesn't seem to be in any pain. She is a very sweet little girl and I'd be devasted if anything serious is wrong with her.

I am making an appointment to take her to the vet this week. What tests should I ask for? Would a blood test show anything? What could this be?

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You are doing the right thing taking her back to the vet. How big are the lumps?

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I don't know if it you'd have felt them before now, but there have been some kittens at the shelter with hernias.

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One is bigger than the other but both are a little bigger than an M&M candy. They feel round.

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Took my kitten to the vet today. Vet could not find either lump- I had to show her. I almost didn't not find the 2nd lump as it had shrunk since yesterday. (I first noticed them on friday). At first the vet said it might be a reaction to the vaccines she was given two weeks ago but the smaller lump was not in a place they give a shot. She shaved around them (and my kitten was so good) and measured them. One is 4mm and the other is 1 1/4. She tried to get fluid out of the larger one and there was nothing. Vet said not to worry yet that it could be injuries from the kittens playing and to see if they grow any larger. She also said she can feel all the way around the lumps (they are just under the skin) so that is a good sign as its not a tumor growing on an internal organ or something. So I just have to monitor the size of the lumps and notify the vet if they get bigger. No blood test was given or anything. Does this sound like good advice? Should anything else have been done?

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Good that you took her for the checkup -- what the vet said sounds reasonable to me.

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I wouldn't have done much else either. It is very unlikely that a cat that young has cancer- possible but very very rare. There is no blood test to detect cancer. I'd just watch them and make sure they go away. If she is not spayed yet have them removed at the time of spay if they haven't resolved on their own.

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