connecting copper to pvc

opendoor3333October 2, 2013

I recently have had to use the services of two plumbers, one of whom replaced the water delivery pipe to my home, pvc delivery pipe to copper under the house. There is some disagreement regarding the connections. Should the fitting be male pvc to female copper, or female pvc to male copper? (In case it matters, I am in GA, so temperatures can get into the 20's but that's rare.)

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I think I have read that you never want to use a threaded female PVC when connecting to metal. It is almost certain to eventually crack and fail. Although now that I think of it that warning was for PVC and cast iron.

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"the fitting should be male pvc to female copper,"

Also, if the main was metal and is now PVC, was your elec. ground updated?

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Thanks so much for your feedback! Snoonyb, the previous main was an extinct version of plastic--"blue plastic", so I believe we're in good shape electrically, but thanks for thinking of that.

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