IBS or Lymphoma

sduck2December 27, 2009

Hi everyone. I've been here before with another cat problem but now my healthy one is sick and I hope you can help.

I brought her to the emergency hospital the day before Christmas Eve with constant vomiting and diareah. She's had small bouts of both before but the throwing up bile became pretty severe. They could not find answers and did all blood work, xray, ultrasound etc (over $2000, ugh!). The conclusion because of thickening of the intestinal walls and elevated liver enzymes is either Irretable Bowel or Lymphoma. I opted NOT to open her up to confirm either. Because she's always been very finicky, throws up easily I'm hoping and treating her with her the IBS. After 3 days at the hospital, I brought her home yesterday.

She's on 2 antiabiotics for 10 days, an appetite stimulant every 3 days and prednisolone twice a day. She's always been a tiny thing, actually I was surprised my vet had her at 9 lbs. and she was down to 7.6 when I admitted her. She didn't eat for them at all and that is their biggest concern now. When I brought her home she immediately licked some gravy off her favorite food but after opening 5 cans of cat food she wouldn't touch anything. Finally I opened a can of people tuna. WIthin the last 24 hours she's eaten almost ate the entire can but that's it. The vet said it's more important to get her to eat ANYTHING but I know she needs the nutrients of cat food.

My question to you is do you have any tricks to get a cat to eat? The weird thing is, I had some left over cans of prescription Z/D that she actually nibbled on which would be ideal with the IBS if I can get her to continue to eat it.

As I write this, she just came in and attacked the scratch box they got for Christmas so thats a good sign she's feeling better!

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sduck2, I am very , very sorry to hear what your little one is going through...
Getting a finicky cat (and I have a couple of these) to eat is always a real challenge--and I know you'll get MANY suggestions. One thing that seems to work well with one my sick cats (a foster cat I am taking care of at the moment), is to put the food through the blender, with chicken broth (home made). I usually put a couple of varieties (kitten food which she usually just licked before). This reduces it to the consistency of baby food, and I give her a full table spoon every 3-4 hours. I also add some supplements (Anitra vita minerals) She actually licks the plate clean and is eating more now! You may want to replace the chicken broth by some tuna juice, at first, since she seems to go for that.

My very best to you both,

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The following links will provide you with a lot of information and tips about getting a cat to eat and/or assist feeding:

Persuading a Cat to Eat
Assist Feed Website

I hope you can get your girl eating.


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The website has a good point. Don't force feed her the only kind she eats on her own. And, if I can't get her to eat more on her own, the vet did give me a syringe with presciption a/d to squirt in her mouth. I did it once yesterday and got more on me then in her mouth. It's back to work tomorrow so I'd feel more comfortable if she would pick more.

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Does she like chicken (people food)? If she does, perhaps you could tempt her with some slivers/pieces of cooked chiken, on its own or mixed with some of her preferred cat food or jarred baby food (Gerber's chicken or turkey).

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I don't know if this will help- last christmas my 8 month old kitten had the same symptoms (elevated liver enzymes, vomitting and diarhea for two months straight every day) and wouldn't eat for five days. They gave her iv fluids twice and I tried to get her to eat anything. I would second the recommendation of force feeding her a liquid diet thru a syringe if she refuses to eat because she does need to get something down. My cat didn't have IBS because after that two month bout she hasn't had diarhea again (and I monitor her very closely) I was given a probiotic to give her and it stopped the diarhea and she started eating normally again.

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Thanks everyone. I started with Fancy Feasts new "Appetizer" and she's been gobbling it up and then I've witnessed her sampling the regular dry food. I have the regular fancy feast for everyone else and she has licked some gravy. I hope she doesn't get too used to the appetizer food, it's really expensive and probably not very nutritious. She's a very finicky eater.

Newhomeseeker, I've already crossed my fingers hoping it's not lymphoma, I wonder if I can hope it's not IBS too!! She's doing so much better, playful, eating, poops are still a bit loose but she's on antibiotics and flagyl until next Monday.

Thanks again.

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