Well water filter confusion

plethora87October 5, 2013


Moved into a new house out in the country with well water. There's a pump in the basement along with a sediment filter housing.

Everything seemed normal until we actually looked at it closely and ran some tests. Turns out that only the hot water passes through the filter -- there's another pipe for cold which bypasses it. I'm totally baffled as to why. If you're going to filter anything, wouldn't you filter drinking water? What's the logic behind filtering hot?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. :-)

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wow, are you absolutely sure??? wow
what kind of tests did you do???/ just curious.
That is weird, we filtering all water with two filters. in this old house, new to us... Hubby did all of it himself... next is a uv light....
but since we just installed them months ago the water heater still stinks occ. we drained some water last week. but it only helped for a while
WE got to clean out the toilet tank next,in this money pit house. LOL

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